Cardiovascular Endurance of the Genders Question Essay

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Cardiovascular Endurance of the Genders Question

Cardiovascular Endurance of the Genders Question- Does weight and differences of age have to do with different heart rates and recovery times with the step test experiment? Independent Variable Pre- Exercise Heart Rate Dependent Variables 1. Post- Exercise Heart rate 2. Change in heart rate 3. Recovery Time

Hypothesis – If a subject being tested is fit then there should not be a big change in heart rate and there should be minimal recovery time to get back to the normal heart rate in which they started. Experiment Protocol- 1. Testing all members of the group and recording the results. 2. Measure pre-exercise pulse rate using a pulse monitor of the first subject 3. Making sure the first subject is in sequence with their steps to the metronome 4. This sequence should be 3 minutes with a rate of about 25 steps a minutes on a six inch step 5.

After the exercise the subject has to sit down immediately 6. The pulse monitor needs to be taken out. 7. Then measurements should be taken of the subjects post exercise pulse rate 8. Then the timer was taken out. 9. Next the subjects pulse rate was monitored until it returned to the pre-exercise pulse rate which is the recovery time. 10. Steps 2-5 had to repeated for others within in the group 11. After everything was completed the results were compared with other groups in the class.

The measures that were taken to ensure consistency throughout the experiment were to just do everything at relatively the same pace with every subject so there would not be any dramatic changes in data. Conclusion- In conclusion it does not matter whether you are male or female when it comes to cardiovascular fitness. This is because cardiovascular fitness is entirely based on a test that assesses your fitness level based on how quickly your heart rate recovers after exercise. The fitter you are, the uicker your heart rate will return to normal after exercise. I accept my hypothesis because my results from the people in my group as well as the class showed that the fitter you are the quicker your heart rate will return to normal. My conclusion could possibly be different If I only analyzed the data gathered by my lab partners of my table because this would not really allow me to determine if cardiovascular fitness is actually based off gender or fitness due to the high ratio of three women to one man compared to the whole class.

Improvements to the experiment- 1. one way to improve this experiment would be to have a chart that shows good, poor, or average Heart rates to have a better idea to make comparisons between gender cardiovascular fitness 2. Another way to improve my experiment would be to be more consistent with my group members in transitioning from the pulse monitor to the timer so we don’t have to start over 3. Another way to improve this experiment would be to run it longer than three minutes and more than once to see if the data is consistent.

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