Cardinal Health Organizational

Organization of Cardinal Health Inc. Jillian Worster The structural organization of Cardinal health Inc. seems to have a matrix organization. It has your standard CEO but then from there, there are a lot of different branches but some work together with each other. I say this because the company has a CEO who is George Barrett; he is also the chairman of the board of directors. Jeffery Henderson is the chief financial officer.

Although George Barrett is the CEO of the company, there are also two other chief executive officers, one is Donald Casey who is in charge of the medical segment, the other is Michael Kaufmann is in charge of the pharmaceutical segment.

The company has a senior vice president Sally Curley who is in charge of investor relations. Then there are two different executive vice presidents but they have a different part of the company.

Stephen Falk is the executive vice president for general counsel, and Mark Blake is executive vice president of strategy and corporate development.

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The company has two chief officers, Craig Morford is chief of legal and compliance, and Carole Watkins is chief officer of human resources. Lastly in the structure the company has a variety of independent directors and of course the employers that work under them. Below is a organizational chart that I believe would be for Cardinal Health Inc. CEO I CFO I CEO-Medical CEO-Pharmaceutical

I I Senior VP I EVP EVP I I Chief Officer- legal and compliance Chief Officer- Human resources I I I I I I Ind.

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Director–Ind. Director–Ind. Director–Ind. Director–Ind. Director–Ind. Director I Employees

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