Carbon, Phosphorus, and Nitrogen Cycles Essay

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Carbon, Phosphorus, and Nitrogen Cycles

Humans impact the cycles in different ways. All three elements are affected by us as humans and our activities. Humans can either hurt the ecosystem or we can help it. The cycles include in our ecosystem are Nitrogen, Carbon, Phosphorus. They are all important to us and all living things to go hand in hand to survive on earth and to work together to produce new materials. All three of the cycles have been tremendously sped up by our human impacts. The carbon cycle is very significant to us as humans; it’s made up of several processes from our forests to our oceans. The cutting down of our trees, the carbon cycle is in danger or being disrupted. It has been found in very large amounts in our atmosphere in a form that can be directly taken in from our plants; the carbon has a limiting factor in the growth of our vegetation.

The Phosphorus Cycle is the representative of the cycles of all the biologically important mineral nutrients. Of those elements that have their own origin in our rocks and soil minerals in our atmosphere such as our iron, calcium, and potassium. We generally focus on this cycle because it has a shortage that tends to be limited in a number of the ecosystems. This cycle can cause excess stimulate that have unwanted algal growth in our freshwaters. Nitrogen is an important factor for the importance of the bacteria that is in our driving cycle to fertilize our soul to produce plants with the air needed to grow.

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