Carbon dioxide Essay

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Carbon dioxide

Trees are mankind lifeline. If they are destroyed, there is no way that human beings can survive. From the oxygen that we breathe in, the food that we eat, to the clothes we wear, we owe it all to the trees. Not only this, trees act as purifiers of air and receptacles of our waste products. Trees have great economic value too. We get fuel, fodder, timber, medicines and numerous other valuable products from the trees. It is, therefore, not surprising that trees were given great importance in our culture, our tradition, our mythology and legends.. The survival of entire wild life depends upon the h55 words essay on The Forest Wealth of India. We do untold harm unknowingly to nature, to the majestic, broad trees of dense foliage which have been nurtured and grown over generations.

We do untold harm unknowingly to nature, to the majestic, broad trees of dense foliage which have been nurtured and grown over generations. We thoughtlessly felt the trees which are the suppliers of oxygen to us, for; they breathe in carbon dioxide from the air and give out oxygen so vital for our living. Formerly avenues were lined and decorated with trees of awesome growth, and the avenues were always cool and shady even if the scorching sun shone in the sky. By felling the trees in the villages, towns and cities we have intruded into the forbidden area of forests which are the exclusive habitat of the wild animals and birds and fell the trees stealthily for wood for cooking and for making furniture.

It is deplorable that the Government which emphasizes the importance of the forest cover or wealth commit the unpardonable crime of felling the trees of the ancient forests for the purpose of constructing a dam or an electricity project.

It is said that the ecological balance is maintained by the co-existence of populated villages, towns and cities and the forests and mountains inhabited by the wild animals.

Nowadays where there were trees, where there was a vast open stretch of land full of plants and trees, there are concrete buildings rising higher and higher till they touch very vault of the sky. We have done untold damage to our towns and cities by felling trees unnumbered and should we fell the trees of a forest, nature’s priceless wealth? Yes, forests are the wealth of a nation, just as the people of a nation are its wealth.

Forests are one of the essential causes of rain. If the trees in the forest are cut off regularly the forest becomes a barren land. Good rainfall is affected. As a result there is not enough water for the cultivation of fields, there is not enough drinking water, and there is not enough water for the functioning of the various factories. If the sun scorches the earth and if there is not enough rainfall the nation suffers from water famine. Water famine leads to food famine.

If the forests are cleared of trees gradually the wild animals living there stray into the human habitations and cause problems. We should preserve and develop the forest for its flora and fauna, for its beautiful flowers and for the wide variety of trees, some awesomely tall, some short and of broad trunk. Honey is obtained from the honeycombs built by the bees in the forest trees. The tribal people living in the forests trade on the honey they gather and nuts available in the forests. They sell their products in a cooperative market nearby and earn money.

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