Car Shopping Essay

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Car Shopping

One of the largest purchases that most people make is an automobile. With so many different types and styles of automobiles available, it is often a very difficult and time consuming process. There are many factors to consider when purchasing such a pricey item. It is important to have a solid investment in the purchase, so the best way to go about purchasing an automobile is to figure out a budget, research the market, and comparative shop. Figuring out a budget for a new automobile is a must before consumers make the decision on what to buy. First, figuring out what car payment fits the budget is essential.

Finance companies will repossess the vehicle if it is not paid for. Secondly, other costs such as down payment, insurance, and taxes, title, gasoline, and upkeep need to be figured in. Domestic cars have fewer costs incurred when buying new parts for vehicles, but foreign cars often require less maintenance. Tires and wiper blades are frequent needs for automobiles; assessing the costs of all the extras before deciding what to buy will help consumers see what is realistic for their budgets and needs. It is ridiculous to buy something that cannot be paid for or kept running well.

The last item to consider is whether to lease, buy new, or buy used. Leasing is often a more popular choice because of the lower payments; however, there are many restrictions with leased cars in terms of miles. Used cars are good options but could have more mechanical and upkeep issues than new cars. Warranties need to be considered also. Investing a huge amount of money on something that is not guaranteed to run is a foolish mistake that many make. Researching what is available within budget is the next step in purchasing a new vehicle.

There are many websites dedicated to vehicles. Consumers can compare different types of cars and trucks along with all of the features in one easy step. Some websites allow customers to customize the car they would like virtually by adding features and colors. Other websites simply list the features of a vehicle. Automobile magazines and newspaper sections often feature new automobiles, so to find information on older vehicles, the Internet or a dealership is the best route. Salespeople are not the most reliable source of information, however, as they are really looking for a sale.

Knowing what you can afford and what you can have are essential before you step on to a lot. Consumers who have knowledge have power and will not get “suckered” into buying something that is not for them. Finally, comparative shopping will allow consumers the best option for their money. By looking a few different dealerships for the chosen model, consumers are then making the dealerships compete for their business. This is the place all consumers need to be in. When consumers are in charge of their own purchases, they can often save money.

The most important aspect to being in charge of one’s own purchase is the responsibility and satisfaction that comes with being an informed consumer. It is much more pleasing to make a big item purchase if it is worth the money, well thought out, and the right fit for the consumer. Buying a vehicle is an important purchase. It is one of the largest purchases that many people make. By being aware of financial restraints, the type and style of vehicle that is needed, and knowing some product information, consumers can then comparative shop and get the best deal for their money. It pays to be an informed consumer!

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