Capture of the Alamo by the Mexicans

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It was a cool and sunny day on February 23 1836, after taking control and seizing the Alamo when all of a sudden; I see a Mexican force marching towards us. Two months before we had overwhelmed them and captured their fort and now they were back with plenty more men than we had when we seized their fort and that we currently had on duty. They were numerous, while we were only about two hundred men. (A+E Networks, 2010) We were being led by our commanders, James Bowie and William Travis.

After thirteen days, they were able to break through a breach located on the outer wall of the courtyard and ended up overpowering us. It seemed as if we were doomed be this outcome. We had just lost many men. The Mexican forces spared only a handful of us Texans, mostly were killed. During the month of March to May, Mexicans once again were occupying the Alamo while we were behind the curtains planning a counter-attack to take control once and for all.

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(Lee, P, 1996) On the morning of April 21, 1836, eight hundred of us Texans blasted into the Alamo against fifteen hundred of them Mexicans and we defeated them. Forcefully, they were later ordered by their commander to withdraw from San Antonio.

This led to the acquiring of the greatest and biggest piece of land the nation has had so far since our independence. Being that I was a soldier protecting the Alamo, my social life was basically within my fellow soldiers.

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We lived to keep each other’s back and to make sure we survived at all costs. Whenever a new shift of soldiers would relieve my shift, before going to bed, we usually grab something to eat and have a drink to relieve some stress. Economically, I am not given much. Everything is being paid for me by our government. Whatever I have left in my salary, I save it so that when I get home I have money to give to my family and build a home. Political forces now a day are demanding more land. Our government wants to grow and expand, to eventually make more money and become the greatest and most powerful nation. What this means is that the people that are in charge of running our nation will at no care expense a group of soldiers like myself to go into battle and possibly lose their life. Our commander in chief dictates whatever moves we make and has the final word whether or not we get to go home to our families soon.

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