Capstone Project Course Syllabus

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The BSC is a premier institution of higher learning in Batanes effectively educating and training people for self-reliance and global competitiveness in the areas of advanced science and technology community development, and sustainable development, and is committed in the preservation and promotion of culture.

Batanes State College
Information Technology Education Department

NO. OF CONTACT HOURS : 5 Hrs. (2 hrs. lec. & 3 hrs. lab.)

I – Subject Description:

This course offers BSIT students the opportunity to demonstrate that they can indeed meet the levels of performance expected of an IT Professional.

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It includes project proposal, feasibility studies, intellectual property, teamwork, budget, schedule, and management, professional communications (i.e. reports, presentations, planning, design, implementation, deployment, and testing. Moreover, the Capstone Project is a way of determining whether students are ready to graduate.

II – Goals and Objectives:

At the end of the course, the student should be able to:

1. Show mastery and efficiency in software development.
– To analyze a current system and to propose a design (capstone project) for the improvement of the system.

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– To develop and implement the proposed capstone project.
2. Practice professionalism in carrying out task within a period of time.
– To effectively and efficiently perform duties and responsibilities to meet the needs of a client.

III – Instructional Modes

1. Lecture Method using the sequential (logical presentation of topics) and transitional (in-depth treatment of the topics) technique.
2. Discussion – Graded and ungraded recitation technique. Make students focus their attention on certain set of questions about a specific topic.
3. Activity Method – Students are energized to action to accomplish a learning (laboratory) activity.
4. Inductive Method – Process of generalizing that is from simplex to complex.
5. Investigative Method –using the problem solving technique.

IV Course Outline
TimeTable| Topics| Specific Objectives| Suggested Activities| Laboratory Equipment| Evaluation| 54 hrs.| Orientation on the college and program vision-mission, goals and objectives, and rules and regulations.Pre-proposal Stage• Capstone Project Orientation• Short Listing of Possible Capstone Projects• Title Critiquing and Patentability Check (Patent Searching)• Pre-Proposal Statement Preparation• Pre-Proposal HearingProposal Stage• Writing of Chapters I, II, III, and IV (planning and design only)• Proposal Manuscript Submission• Proposal Hearing• Proposal Manuscript RevisionsOral Defense Stage• Analysis• Design• Development• Testing• Prototype Submission• Oral Defense Manuscript Submission• Oral Defense Proper (Public Presentation)• Oral Defense Manuscript RevisionsPatent Process• Patent Drafting• Patent Application• Technology Transfer| To help students understand, implement, and achieve the vision-mission, goals and objectives, and rules and regulation of the college and program.1. Bring together and integrate knowledge and skills in the course as a whole;2. Reinforceand develop competencies that have not been sufficiently emphasized in thefundamental subjects;3. Define a substantial engineering study or design task and carrying it to completion within a specified time and to a professional standard;4. Complete a comprehensive written and bound report that places the Capstone Project in context, defines its objectives, and describes the work done with the resulting conclusions orrecommendations;5. Bridge the gap between the undergraduate studies and the professional future, and demonstrating professional competencies and capabilities;6. Demonstrate initiative and creativity, taking pride in the achievement of a difficult task.| LecturesDiscussions| Laptop/ PCProjectorSpeaker| * Capstone project manuscript proposal defense * System Oral Defense (Public presentation)|

V – Student Requirements:

1. Oral Defense CDs.
a. Complete Documentation
i. Final Oral Defense Manuscript (Word file)
ii. Final Oral Defense Manuscript (PowerPoint Presentation file) iii. Final ACM-Formatted Manuscript (Word file)
b. Developed System
iv. Installation or Setup Files/Folders
v. Installation/or Users’ Guide

VI – Grading System

1. Manuscript Proposal Defense50%
2. System Oral Defense50%
Passing Mark: 75%
VII – Textbook

1. What is the difference between textbooks and reference books?

VIII – References

1. Methods of Research
2. Technical Writing
3. System Analysis and Design
4. Advanced Statistics / Probability and Statistics
5. Technopreneurship
6. Software Engineering
7. University of Cebu-College of Information and Communication Studies (UC-CICS). 2011. Capstone Project Guidelines. 8. University of Cebu-College of Information and Communication Studies (UC-CICS). 2012. Capstone Project Guidelines. 9. Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines. 2013.

IX – Committee:

Course Title:| Date Effective:| Date Revised:| Prepared by:| Approved by:| SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION MANAGEMENT| 1st SemesterSY 2013-2014| May 28, 2013| ____________________RICARDO Q. CABUGAO JR.Acting Chairperson, ITE Dept| ____________________APOLINARIA A. CIELODirector of Instructions

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