Capstone Checkpoint Essay

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Capstone Checkpoint

Critical thinking influences the way we read very importantly first of all the concentration level is greatly increased and we are tempted and prompted to pay more attention to what is being seen in front of our eyes we tend to rely on logic and reason rather than emotional decisions or judgments(Chaffee , 2007). Power of thinking is improved significantly and decision making becomes easier and more effective

Writing is also very commonly seen to be affected by critical thinking as in through critical thinking a person minds opens and he is able to differentiate between right and wrong and able to identify motives that are evil, self satisfactory, full of greed and other modes of lies or deception. Through this we as individuals are able to weigh the pros and cons of every situation and open mindedness and honesty are seen throughout strong and clear.

Processing Information is then again seen to be greatly improved by critical thinking and we are able to process information calmly, in a wise manner, take rational rather than emotional decisions and are active, strong and decisions are based on experience, skill, thinking and a strong SWOT analysis of the situation Answer 2 In evaluating articles thinking could help to interpret the message and understanding the viewpoint of the writer and develop opinions where as in advertisement critical thinking could be helpful in understanding the benefits of product being marketed.

Media weather printed for digital always has a message for the viewer that could be interpreted by critical thinking. In conversations critical thinking would assist in understanding the point of view of the others and develop our vision upon it. Critical thinking could be used to answer the question that arises in one’s mind. References Book Chaffee, J. (2007). Thinking Critically. USA: AES.

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