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The capital city of the dazzling Malaysia

The place I have chosen to describe is Malaysia . The capital city of the dazzling Malaysia is Kuala Lampur and, the lovely Penang is an island in Malaysia. I go to Malaysia when it’s the school 6 weeks holiday. I travelled from Heathrow Airport to Kuala Lampur.

My flight was 14 hours long. It was very tough and boring sitting at one place for 14 hours. Finally I get there, It was a elegant airport. It was a great start to my dream holiday.

The weather was sizzling hot at 40 degrees. We went through Immigration in no time. My dad’s Business partner Chris was waiting for us at the Arrivals gallery. My dad has known Chris, His Business partner, for 15 years.

We went to a restaurant for lunch. The food was different but rich in taste. From the restaurant we travelled another 4 hours to the appealing Penang.

Then we reached to our hotel. The first thing I notice is the attractive yellow beach in front of my luxurious 5 star hotel.

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My hotel was really fascinating. It also has a swimming pool in my room so I could have swam when ever i liked. I could see in my hotel lots of people smiling and impressed at how stunning the hotel looked.

Another thing I noticed is the food that was provided in my hotel. The food was very tasty and mouth-watering.

While we were having our lunch uncle Chris told us what places we are going to visit in Penang. He told us,” we would be seeing a fruit farm, butterfly farm, water parks, a rotating restaurant called tarbush also the twin towers.

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the highest building in Malaysia ,we will also visit a Malaysian temple. I was so excited and looking forward to see these places.

Suddenly I started daydreaming about seeing all these places. I couldn’t even sleep at night i couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Next morning I get out of bed and get ready as quick as possible. I kept asking my dad “when are we going out!” I wanted to see the butterfly farm because I didn’t heard of it before.

What I partically liked about this place is the butterfly farm. This colourful farm has the most glamorous butterflies. This farm also has every single information about butterflies and has pictures of a caterpillars becoming into a butterfly. I could see thousands of butterflies flying above me. The butterflies were colourful as the rainbow.

Later, we went to a Exotic fruit farm in Penang. There was so much variety of different fresh fruits. I tried a fresh coconut smoothie. As smooth as whipped cream. Then I tried a sugar cane juice. It was as sweet as sugar. In the exotic fruit farm I could see lots of people came and see the one and only appealing fruit farm. Many people were queuing for the coconut smootie and the sugar cane; they were the most popular juices in this fruit farm. The fruit farm has the world’s all fruits.

This place also has a water park called desa water park. The taste of the water was chlorine. The smell of the water park was water. You could also hear the children screaming in the desa water park. I could see the water rushing down as fast as a waterfall. If you do come to Malaysia you must come to this water park for a swim, its truly wonderful.

One of Malaysia’s key attractions is a Malaysian temple. My family and i went to the Malaysian temple to find out what Malaysians believe in and how they worship. In the temple I could see mostly red, orange and yellow. The temple smelt very strong incense sticks rose flavour. I could hear Malaysian priests praying to their God. In Malaysian culture there are many gods.

One god presents for 1 thing the first god presents as to get more wealth. To give you so much money in life. The Second god represents as a good health. Third god represents for love for your life who will always be there for you. Always comfort you. Be with you in sorrow and happiness. The forth god for wisdom. To help you be a right person. The fifth god for success. To help you reach your goal like, gcses finding a god job. When your wish comes true then you should come back to the same temple and thank the god. Some wishes are just left for a really long time.

I could see lots of people praying for their wishes or for help for something. In the temple I could see Chinese tattoos getting done on different people’s arm. The tattoos were all black their was no other colour. And little gifts been giving out for free to remember the temple as a memory. The walls of the temple were bright yellow, red and orange. The silk material was dropping down from the ceiling.

An amazing feature was the rotating restaurant I went to for dinner. The restaurant was rotating very slowly anticlockwise. It was blue from the outside. As blue as the dark sky. The food in the rotating restaurant was delicious. “mmm” I always wish i had that food again. It was crunchy like a bag of crisps in your mouth and smooth as melted chocolate. Lots of families were in the luxiourious rotating restaurant. It’s one of the most popular buildings in Malaysia.

In the restaurant i told my uncle Chris “Thank you very much for hospitality.” Your most welcome.” He replied.

Next day I went to see another key attractions in Malaysia The Twin Towers. The tallest building in Malaysia.

After the wonderful holiday we went on a ferry to come to Malaysia airport. The ferry was white and tremendous. I got to travel on the blue sea. We viewed the whole city of Kuala Lampur.

I had a really great holiday. You should come and see Malaysia once in your lifetime. The most beautiful country.

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