Capacity Planning Essay

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Capacity Planning

Computer capacity planning and its impact on the performance of the individuals is an important research topic in the current day scenario . Living in a competitive world makes it compulsory for everyone ( Individuals , firms etc . ) to deliver their best in the shortest period of time by optimally utilizing their resources . The above mentioned scenario is in direct proportion to an increase in the performance of the individual or the firm .

This paper presents a report on how computer capacity planning can have a ositive impact on the performance of an institution like TUI , which uses technology as its medium of imparting knowledge to students coming from a variety of background, Nationality, ethnic race etc. It studies how capacity planning can enhance the existing functional efficiency of the institution and the performance of the educating staff as well as the students . TUI is an organization which acts as a platform for teachers lecturers and students from a wide range of colleges institutions and nationality.

It concerns itself with an infinite number of issues related with the colleges and institutions, their management , their programmes , plans , achievements , their student quality etc . The list is non-exhaustive. For an institution like this, which caters to such a wide variety of educational demands and issues , the need for computer capacity evaluation is a necessity , especially when the medium used is e-learning .

Computer capacity planning will help TUI spread its reach to all the student population of the world and all others who can benefit from the services provided by the institution . It will help them to effectively implement their plans while saving on cost at the same time . Computer Capacity planning is an important aspect of computer networking; proper Planning ensures a healthy network that can grow to meet future needs of the institution.

Computer capacity planning will include capacity management and capacity control . Capacity management will ensure an increase in the total system output and responsiveness , whereas , capacity control will ensure non-wastage of the additional energy gained with capacity management . It will avoid delays in any of the university’s future planning , use of new applications , new methods of teaching etc .

It will also help the university officials to forecast the future situations which the institutions would be likely to face . Capacity evaluation is basically an act of evaluating the available resources of the concerned institution and the most optimal way of utilizing it . Capacity planning needs to be a part of the infrastructure of the institution and act as a medium of benefit for the professors and the students . The system provides with an intelligent interface to communicate.

Capacity planning will add volumes to the existing efficiency of the technical planning running the institute . It will act as a facilitator , analyst , decision-maker and an important performer of the institution . Looking at it from the administrative point of view it helps them to organize their work better and also catalogue it in a more organized format . The quicker the computer applications works the faster the work can be done in terms of the number of persons reached per minute .

The computer capacity evaluation becomes more relevant in the words of TUI University President Professor Yoram Neumann, Ph. D. “TUI is one of the country’s (world’s) leading Internet Universities. ” Thus making it necessary for the institution to provide its members with high quality computer services . Computer capacity evaluation will help TUI achieve its main goal of providing e-learning opportunity to all their students on a wide scale , at all levels of study .

It will act like a performance enhancer for the administration in reference to the services provided by them thus enabling them to deliver their best to the students in a shorter period of time . It will help them to avoid wastage of the existing resources which otherwise could be reached-out to a million students , help them in meeting their plans within time instead of constantly changing their way of doing their work . A methodical approach can be used by the administration to do their work .

Over a period of time the process would prove to be significantly productive and also constantly improving the ways of doing things . Planning will also provide security to the whole setup thus acting as an initiative for an enhanced performance . This will also help the administrators to work more creatively , use new methods of teaching students and evaluating their performance . As a result with an increase in the performance of the administrator the performance of the students will also improve positively .

From the students point of view since education will be imparted in an e-learning format the quality demanded by them will be very high . Maintaining a high bandwidth will enable the students to save their time , which can be more fruitfully utilized . High bandwidth will also enable the university to register a larger number of student Enrollment both nationally and internationally . Capacity evaluation will permit the students to increase their performance on any given activity drastically .

Thus any activity running solely on any kind of technology must have that technology operating at its best . Computer capacity planning if used in TUI will act as a major contributor to the enhanced performances of both the university officials and the students as well and an increased performance will lead to a more contributive output which over a period of time can result in positive international impact considering TUI’s international reach .

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