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Cannabis Tourism Gain Popularity

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Cannabis Tourism is one of the most popular ones in countries like Netherlands and is now developing in Colorado. Legalizing recreational cannabis can stimulate cannabis related business. According to a report, American Green Inc., a manufacturer of cannabis, recently decided to buy an entire town (California, 1). The idea of the company is to create the American Amsterdam and attract people from all over the USA to visit the place where they would find all the variety of facilities for cannabis users.

Some people would argue that some decades would pass until the market for legal marijuana would work properly in the USA, but they are not right. Ms. McCarthy and Ms. Newton succeeded in proving the fact that marijuana growing and related business could become a profitable activity while the company could be easily grown to the size of the corporation. Any person with the desire to do it could start selling the franchises on the marijuana business and create a strong national brand on this market.

(Franchising, 1) This material shows the fact that there is only one component missing for the future successful functioning and developing the market of cannabis in the USA and it is the appropriate federal policy about the legal status of the marijuana.

According to McCarthy and Newton, more and more press and cannabis industry groups started to describe cannabis as the coming great industry in the United States and the most rapidly growing business in the past two years. A report from a marijuana research group pointed out that in Colorado and Washington, which are recreational legalized states, recreational cannabis generated about 2.

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7 billion dollars at 2014. The cannabis industry will be even bigger than the organic food industry if it is legalized federally. Washington state, at the first 6 months of 2016 financial year, marijuana business states 446,366,002 dollars’ trade with tax and not including the medical marijuana business which will be regulate later. In August 2015, Colorado medical and recreational marijuana sales reached $ 100.6 million. (Franchising, 2) Assuredly, those shocking numbers do tell people that recreational cannabis has the ability to generate such amount of profit and if recreational cannabis can be legalized federally, numerous amount of profit can be made.

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