Cancer and Technology Essay

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Cancer and Technology

Over the years, technology has evolved and given us many advantages such as the breakthroughs in medical science, transportation, and the internet. Imagine your life without all of these benefits. Technology has forever changes our lives and given us new ways to see life. Can you imagine where we would be now without it? During the last 30 years medicine has reached new frontiers and many new breakthroughs that benefit the public on regular bases. Now what were once unknown diseases that could not be treated such as cancer are now able to be treated. In consequence of technology evolving and becoming more high tech, machines that allow chemo therapy and radiation are available. I am very grateful for this breakthrough in science because my grandfather had cancer and because of radiation the cancerous cells were killed and now he is able to live a long and healthy life in the sun. Another benefit that technology had given us in science is beneficial to deaf people.

Hundreds of years ago these disabled people had no hope of recovering any hearing, but now there are hearing aids, and surgeries that replace impaired parts of the ear. Surgeries now are available to anyone at any time, we might take this a common action now but a hundred years ago surgeries were dangerous and done raw without any sedatives. Technology has also brought us one of the most life altering deices, The World Wide Web. The internet has, one could say, taken over our lives in practically every way. It is the number one way to require quick information which helps students, teachers, and anyone trying to gain information all by a click of a button.

The internet has shown very useful when encountering natural disasters. For example during hurricane Sandy the cell phone lines where always busy or the connection was lost, so the most reliable way to communicate was through the internet via Facebook, Email, and Twitter. Another way technology has amazed me is through video chat. Instead of having to travel to see your family, you are able to see them face to face and for a brief moment you might think that they are actually there with you in the room. Another remarkable way technology has greatly impacted the world is through travel.

Hundreds of years ago it was would take weeks to cross the Atlantic Ocean and now thanks to technology and planes it only takes 6 hours to cross the ocean. The concept of flying and being able to be in one country one day and in another the next still astounds me to this day. Technology also gave us buses and trains. These modes of transportation also have greatly impacted our society today. Many people rely on buses to get to and from work. Another mode of transportation that technology has created is the spaceship which has allowed us to explore different planets and given us a better understanding of the world around us.

Technology seems to have completely taken over our lives. It has given us so many advantages from medical breakthroughs, and the internet, to transportation in this world and to other ones. This one discovery has impacted our lives forever and we can only imagine what other great ideas can come from it, and how it will affect our lives once more.

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