Canada Border Services Agency


This article is about the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) a large organization has around 14,000 employees and approximately 7.200 uniformed employees who are working as members on the front line. Among these 7,200 uniformed employees, two attended the event of Chambers of Commerce back on 20th January 2015. In this article, I will do the rhetorical analysis of the article that how and for what purpose it was written for.1. Target Audience:

The target audience of this article was general public of Halifax, N.

S Canada. This was basically the general newspaper and television series for developing an interest for the people of Canada. Most of the people living in Canada or who wants to visit Canada are interested in knowing the facts and figures of the security relevant topic so they are best example of it. People travelling or returning home are also best example.

Purpose of the document:

The main purpose of the article is General Interest Periodicals and to aware the general public about the topic.

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There was an event which took place which was co-sponsored by the famous Travel Experts to find solution of the current issues which people face during personal and commercial traveling and when they leave and enter Canada. The writer notices that detecting employees trying his best to avoid ingenious attempts to bypass some of the rules. he is well known about the management and has made a schedule for the incoming flights. According to which the passengers are checked on time just after the arrival of flights.

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In this scenario there are also some detecting dogs for detecting everything from food items to drugs, plants and even currency in abundance. These detecting practices are actually in favor of the employees as the detecting skills are checked out by higher officials their posts are updated accordingly.

Effectiveness of the message:

Message derived from this article is very effective and can be easily conveyed to the audience. Most of us have seen the famous TV show “Border Security” or at least we have traveled and returned back home just to experience the custom hall when we arrive. That is the exactly the place where people like me and you meet the women and men of the famous Canadian Border Services Agency which are meant to provide protection and safety to the people. in this article, writer is trying to depict the message that main aim of such agencies is to protect the goods and services in short the safe movement of people and goods from one place to another. Approximately 95% of the goods and services are legitimate.

On the ports of Canada, it should be maintained and checked by the ROV systems and employees to investigate properly that anything is attached by mistake to the hull. These employees are also provided with such scanning equipment through which they can check that are there any drugs transported overseas or human trafficking is done anyway. It is still noticed by most of the people that still say that they have seen things which should not enter into the country. Now the writer observes that with the popularity of the Canadian ports. It is becoming harder for people to enter drugs etc into the country. As the rules and regulations are made more stick, people seemed to ask more questions from their agents to verify which things are allowed and which are not. A writer has noticed that it is also the responsibility of travelers to verify and upgrade their information before traveling to avoid any kind of disturbance. Otherwise, the traveler would find difficulty in carrying his luggage also (Hennessey et al., 2015).

CRAAP Analysis:

This analysis is made to verify the reliability of the data and sources according to the academic disciplines and regulations. This analysis comprises of Currency, Relevance, Authority, and Purpose to go through the entire process of verification (Sapp Nelson, 2016). . I will also use the famous tool CRAAP for evaluation of the article and to find out its strength CITATION Rus06 l 1033 (Ruseffendi & Toha., 2006).


The information provided in this article about CBSA is valid to a large extent and is updated. The information about the tools and equipment is well revised and updated. The links are also well functional and appropriate. I have analyzed that the writer has tried his level best to provide the information that would be long-lasting.


The information provided in this article about the duties and working of CBSA is fully according to the questions. All the questions are well answered by keeping in view the duties and responsibilities of both workers and travelers. The intended audience is the people who want to know about the working of the employees of CBSA and the acceptance of certain things on ports. The information provided here is elementary based and is not upgraded to a level which is not in demand yet. I have also noticed that the writer has gone through many other sources and books regarding traveling restrictions and transport management at ports before composing this article (Sapp Nelson, 2016).


The writer is a high graduate student from a well-known institution. He is having full authority plus information to publish this article. The writer would be much authoritative that he was able to publish his article because it’s not a piece of cake.


The sources form which the information is collected is also up to truthfulness which is official website of CBSA. Vocabulary and composition have also given much importance. There is no typographical error in this article. Although the information used regarding the workers and travelers is a composition of different sources a little bit of the knowledge is from the writer’s personal point of view. I have also given much importance to the sentence making and grammar.


The purpose of the composition of this article is to spread information. The point of view is imperial and accurate. The information provided here is accurate and is according to the facts of the situations regarding ports of Canada. The main purpose is to publish this article through different media sources. The main and final purpose is to aware people about Canadian ports (Lybecker et all., 2018).


  1. Lybecker, D. L., McBeth, M. K., Brewer, A. M., & De Sy, C. (2018). The social construction of a border: The US-Canada border. Journal of Borderlands Studies, 33(4), 529-547.
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  3. Hennessey, Dan . Chronicle – Herald ; Halifax, N.S. (2015). You can’t bring that into Canada; Border security guards visit Cookville

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