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Can war ever be justified? Essay

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This question is not that easy to answer. Many philosophers, politicians or just ordinary people in the past and in the present try to come up with an answer, but there is no simple answer to this question such as “yes” or “no”. The answer depends on an individual. Some people like Ruth Heing say _”Countries went to war because they believed that they could achieve more through war than by a diplomatic negotiation”_. Some people like Bo Bennett say _”Diplomacy is more than saying or doing the right things at the right time, it is avoiding saying or doing the wrong things at any time”.


War brings nothing to the country but damage and destruction. Government is not the only one who is affected by the war. War takes away lives of so many innocent people. More than 1068 000 people died in the battle of Somme. The weaponry is not cheap, millions are wasted on them. In 1898 when Kaiser Wilhelm II announced his intention to built a powerful German navy, Britain raised first class war ship – Dreadnought against Germans.

They spent millions on building the ship, instead of spending the money on the ship construction it would be more effective to spend money on more social issues. Than the conflict between Germany and Britain would have been avoided and at the same time some social needs would be satisfied as well.

When it comes to self defense, war is just necessary. The reason why Georgia still exists today is because when Turkey invaded Georgia in 10th, 11th century Georgia was constrained to defend its self. Georgia wasn’t the one who started the conflict. If Georgia would not have defended itself from the invaders (who were mostly from Muslim countries), today the country would have been a part of turkey or other neighboring country. War can be necessary in order to get independency or freedom for example

There is no short answer to the question if the war can ever be justified it depends on the situation in which the country is in and it depends on the individual, how does a person view the affects of the war on the country. Everything in the world has both positive and negative aspects including War.

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