Can terrorism be justified? Essay

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Can terrorism be justified?

The devastation and destruction that terrorism causes has impacted greatly on the USA and the world. The 1983 Beirut barracks bombings have shown how terrorism is not justified, and how it has caused a worldwide issue, involving not only America but France, England and Italy. The bombings were not justified by the group/individuals responsible, and their reasons for the attacks were not supported, and not accepted by many nations around the world. The 1983 Beirut barracks bombings is just one example in history that shows how terrorism is not justified.

The attack on the 23rd of October 1983 was unjustified, it was not supported by the perpetrators and no significant reason was included before; after or during the attacks. The attack was barbarous and was one of the first suicide car bombings (with significant impact) in history. The killing of so many loved ones, men who were loyal, honourable and stood up for their nation, is tragic, and caused only fear, pain and shock in many American people at the time of the attack “…More than 200 of the sleeping men were killed in that one hideous, insane attack. Many others suffered injury and are hospitalized here or in Europe. This was not the end of the horror…”-(Stated by Ronald Reagan Oct 27th 1983). Though the attack was quite significant, it was not backed up, which has made it and important event to show how terrorism cannot be justified.

The attacks killed over 240 US marines, and this action was a direct threat against the USA, and France, which also felt the death toll go up to around 50 paratroopers. The MNF (Multination Force in Lebanon), had a reason for being in Lebanon, their intentions were for peace and stability in the area “…what exactly is the operational mission of the marines – the answer is to secure a piece of Beirut, to keep order in their sector and to prevent the area from becoming a battlefield…” The MNF’s aim was to prevent a conflict between groups.

They were met by an attack against the Marine Barracks in Beirut that had no supported reason, other than to drive away the MNF. “…would terrorists have launched their suicide attacks against the Multinational Force if it were not doing its job? The Multinational Force was attacked precisely because it is doing the job it was sent o do in Beirut. It is accomplishing its mission…” Ronald Reagan backs up his first statement by stating how the attacks have proven he reason for the marines being in Lebanon, this emphasises how the attacks in Beirut were unjustified.

These attacks impacted not only on America, but also England, Italy and France (in particular). France lost 50 paratroopers in the attack, the reason for these paratroopers, other troops from England and Italy in Beirut, was in long term to help create piece in Lebanon, as they were all part of the MNF. The attacks were obviously a threat against the MNF (USA in particular) to leave the country or there would be more bloodshed. The group responsible for the attacks wanted America to leave Lebanon now.

“…Let me ask those who say we should get out of Lebanon: if we were to leave Lebanon now, what message would that send to those who foment instability and terrorism? If America were to walk away from Lebanon, what chance would there be for a negotiated settlement, producing a unified democratic Lebanon? President Reagan asks these questions mainly directed towards the American people, that these attacks will not make America leave Lebanon, and emphasizes how terrorism would be justified if the MNF left Lebanon.

Terrorism cannot be justified; going back to the Beirut barracks bombings in 1983 clearly proves this. The killing of men, who were in Beirut for the reason of peace and stability, is tragic. The attack was unsupported, and the group have not announced or shown significant reasons to back up the bloodshed they have caused. The attack is not recognizably accounted for, and with the aforementioned points it shows that Terrorism cannot be justified.

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