Can digital art be considered fine art

The argument in between traditional art and digital art has actually been going on for some time. People argue that art is art so long as it includes universal expression of imagination creativity and storytelling. Whether it is through painting, music, painting or shaping so long as it provides the designated purpose. These individuals suggest that the medium does not matter and all that matters is the content. Some individuals argue that Digital art is not art, it is generally a collection of image look for individuals who don’t understand how to draw.

Digital art does not include talent emotion and insight. Anyone who can take a photo can do this. Digital painters just slam together real painters works and other various images to form images. These individuals argue that digital art is computer produced therefore not genuine as there are boundless copies considering that there is no original. This concept and understanding is entirely ideal. Digital art is not real art because it contains less elements of creativity of art and design.

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Unlike like the conventional art and paintings digital works reveal less emotions and creativity of the artist.

Prior to cam development artist had the primary role off portraying the real life. Art has been changing in the subject it reveals though every time it’s a window to genuine world. The invention of camera and other digital devices has redefined art. The digital artists are not actually talented artists because they just rely on the computer systems to produce their work.

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Without the computers, such artists are rendered worthless. The digitalized art is not as deep and moving as the traditional art. It does not reveal much emotion like the one done using paint and brush (Horowitz, Hill & & Hayes, 2009).

Traditional painting depicts more originality and authenticity. It brings out the artists true ability of creativity and imagination. On the contrary, digital art does not reveal the true capacity of the artist. The artists have just taken shortcuts. They do not cover greater depth of creating and forming the images. Digital art does not show imagination or real creativity. Anyone with the knowledge of a computer and the camera can merge the pictures and painting on a computer to come up with digital art. One does not really have to be talented to make digital art but with traditional painting it is only for the talented who are able to reach out to the audience in a more natural way.

Traditional art is more effective in conveying the artist’s message. The fact that the audience can see and even feel the piece of art gives traditional painting an upper hand than the digitalized art. No printer or computer can paint in impasto. For fine art, thick and textured paint is what makes the painting unique and special. The digital print is less unique because of the uniform surface. Traditional art is more is more involving than the digital one, the artist has to pay attention to details in order to bring out the message or reach out to the audience. This gives traditional art more value. Traditional art has a special unique effect to the audience it feels more real and easy to relate to. Research shows that people have a better understanding and connection to things they can see touch and smell than things, which they just see.

Digital art is not an artist’s inventiveness but rather it is it is modification and merging of different pictures. Digital art like music, is a computerized copy mere fabrication and modification of true art programs and numerical cord. It has less to do with creativity. Traditional art is rarely replicated but digital art is replicated in many ways. This dilutes the aspect of art since fine art is supposed to be original.

In digital art, a person has anonymity from construction and immunity to error. Clicking ‘print’ and ‘undo’ cannot be considered equal to brush work. Digital art is a mere manipulation of the real and traditional art. It is just meant for convenience in terms of accessibility and ease . An artist is able to create many pieces of art in a shorter time using the digital medium. People prefer accessing the arts through the digitalized devices but a person who appreciates real arts goes to the galleries and exhibition stores just to feel and acknowledge the real thrill. Digital art is meant for people who have less interest in fine art. The interested people and artist who value art prefer the traditional art as they can relate and derive better meaning from it compared to the digital art (Quora, 2014).


As much as art is art, detail and degree of authenticity matters. Art is all about originality and creativity and digital art depict less of these qualities. This makes digital art to be considered irrelevant when compared to traditional art. Traditional art involves pure talent while digital art is merely the duplication and merging of different arts that already existed. Traditional art is easier to connect and relate to because they can be touched and seen at the same time.


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