Campbell & Bailey’s Boston Office Essay

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Campbell & Bailey’s Boston Office

When Campbell and Bailyn’s Boston Office made the decision to restructure their organization and place a new emphasis on specialization, the business and employees faced multiple challenges during the process. Although communication problems were evidenced in the scenario, I was also concerned with the lack of buy-in by the employees within the organization. According to a recent writing in Bloomberg’s Business Week, employees are an important factor in determining how customers perceive the company’s brand. For this reason, companies should do more to nurture the company’s culture through internal branding efforts. In addition, when employers consider a company’s brand, they think in terms of marketing departments, advertising, and publications. In reality, a brand is made up of every experience that a customer has with an organization. (McKee, 2014).

Management consultant Peter Drucker states “culture eats strategy for dinner” (McKee, 2014). When employees become stressed out at work, it impacts their performance and in turn the company’s productivity. In the Boston office, it was clear that Paul Callahan, the top grossing sales person, was stressed out. In a recent article, it is stated that depression and burnout afflict one-third of employees (Cooper, 2014). These afflictions can also negatively impact employee performance and morale.

In the case of the Boston office, it would benefit the organization to speak with the employees and work towards obtaining their buy-in. Once the employees buy into the change, they can then pass that enthusiasm on to their customers to gain their buy-in as well.


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