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Campare and Contraste

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In his article “Driving While Stupid,” Dave Barry shares his experience of bad drivers. He talks about many scenarios that are taking place in many places. He first starts by stating that downtown Miami is home to the worst drivers. He claims that although some may try to say otherwise, that there is no way to compete with Miami on the worst driver scale.

Barry backs up his clam by giving examples of how he has driven in every major U.

S. city as well as in Italy, where there is only one traffic law, in an Argentinean city of Mar del Plata, literally meaning “Cover your eyes,” and in China, where buses ‘encourage’ people to get out of the way. He says he has seen many insane drivers and situations, but that didn’t stop him from being surprised with one of his own experiences; the night when a driver in a convertible on the interstate I-95 was weaving back and forth going maybe 600 miles per hour.

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The observation Barry makes is that the driver was watching a music video on a video screen installed in his sun visor. Barry goes on to say that there are many drivers who distract themselves by cell phones, reading, eating, etc, while driving, but at least, unlike the guy on the interstate, they are able to see the road from time to time. The level of comedy that Barry used in his article is high. By using deliberate and obvious exaggeration and sarcasm to convey the fact that drivers should pay more attention to the road, and less to other crazy activities.

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