Calyx&Corolla solution Essay

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Calyx&Corolla solution

1. Why has Calyx & Corolla been successful?
Calyx & Corolla has been successful because of the following point. Firstly, Calyx & Corolla has a very simplified supply chain. They deliver flowers directly from growers to customers so that the plants are fresher and also able to decrease the costs. Secondly, Calyx & Corolla accurately position themselves and send catalogues to people who are likely to buy flowers. It’s an efficient way to market without a large amount of cost. Thirdly, Calyx & Corolla developed business partners to promote selling. 2. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the Calyx & Corolla formula? Strength:

1) The flower is fresher to cusumers
2) Without the middle person like wholesales and florist, the profit becomes more for those involved. 3) Using catalogues to illustrate the flowers which give the cosumer a way they are able to see and select what they are buying. 4) The service for the consumer is good. Like don’t leave the flower in front of the door in cold weather. And sent the flowers in the address without a gate number. 5) Take advantage of lower price when stocks of growers were high. Weaknesses

1) Consumers can’t see the flowers before they purchase.
2) Buy flowers only in US. If they come across bad climate and the demand is more than supply, they will be in trouble and delay some of the order. 3) They don’t have quality control on the flowers.

4) They depends too much on growers and Federal Express.
3. What steps should Ms. Owades and her associates take next to more fully develop Calyx & Corolla? If Calyx & Corolla want to become larger, they can be growers themselves at different places of the world so that they can supply the flowers in demand and the quality is ensured. And they can cooperate the company like facebook and twitter, and create virtual flowers function. People can buy virtual flower using facebook and twitter. And if the person who get this gift, they can fill in their address, real flowers can be sent to them. 4. How would you determine the life-time value of a customer?

The customers who always scan the company’s website or have a great interest on the product of the company offer have great life-time value. 5. Visit their website. How has this helped Calyx & Corolla? The website has helped Calyx & Corolla that potential or current customers can see the arrangements and sales being offered. It also give customers the possibility of ordering from their website. This website make more people get to know them.

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