Calpurnia as Scout's Role Model in the Novel To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

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In today’s society, kids often do not look up to their parents as their role-model. Instead, the kids of today frequently look up to famous athletes or with people that made their fame on social media. In Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, Scout does not have to search the media and look up to famous people because she has someone in her life that she can look up to right in her home. Even though Scout lacks access to the internet that people of today might use, she is still able to use Calpurnia as her role model, and learn from her.

In To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee demonstrates through dialogue that Calpurnia positively influences Scout through her.

Harper Lee illustrates that Calpurnia is a positive role model through conversation by giving Scout wise advice. As an illustration, there’s some folks who don’t eat like us… if he wants to eat up the tablecloth you let him” (pg.

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32). Calpurnia shows that she knows what Walter is going through, and tries to teach Scout not to be judgmental. Calpurnia does not want Scout to make fun of Walter for eating so much, that he knows he can’t afford, so she shows Scout how to be considerate, which is a positive impact.

Another example how Calpurnia is a positive role model is “Well, in the first place I’m black. That doesn’t mean you hafta talk that way when you know better (pg 126).” Lee shows that Calpurnia doesn’t want Scout and the other children talk about someone who is different.

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Harper Lee also exemplifies that Calpurnia is a positive role model by showcasing her positive actions. For example, when describing Calpurnia, Lee writes, “Calpurnia stared, then grabbed us by the shoulders, and ran us home” (pg 93). Calpurnia is very protective.

She called everyone in the neighborhood that there was a mad dog on the loose and told them to stay inside. Lee shows her as a heroic person of action toward the children, and that she acts like she is their mother, and so could be seen as a positive influence. In closure, Harper Lee reveals that Calpurnia is a positive role model for Scout through descriptions and dialogue. In all, Calpurnia is a positive role model for Scout. Even though Scout and Calpurnia are characters from a book, they show how a role model should be. Today, role models are very important in the world. What kind of role model will you be?

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