California Public Schools Essay

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California Public Schools

Having the experience in heading different departments and programs in the District of California Public Schools, I began to develop an interest in formally studying, understanding and implementing important administrative skills in classroom and school management. I would love to develop my leadership skills in accordance to the needs of our schools right now. For me, it is an important facet of improving the structure of the curriculum, as well as the administration of the school.

In developing corporate management, coupled with my current skills as a teacher, I can better push, not only myself, but the entire school administration to employ corporate techniques in improving the performance of teachers and school administrators alike. By improving and developing the management of teachers and school administration, the improvement and development of teaching will ensue. And the end result would be better learning results of the children. Management is not only needed in classrooms.

The school itself should learn to manage its own people managing the children. Because of my interest in leadership, I have decided to pursue my doctorate degree in K-12 Educational Leadership. This degree will equip me with the theoretical and practical knowledge in school administration management. With this, I can combine corporate management with the techniques that I have learned and employed as a teacher. Being an educational leader does not only mean that you know how to manage your students, or you make sure that your students learn through your teaching methods.

An educational leader knows how to deal with students and colleagues alike. And he is able to make positive changes that will improve the teaching and administration performance of the entire institution. I want to understand better the programs needed to be established in a school in order for teachers to grow and improve. The quality of teaching is based upon the program of the school for the teachers and students alike. The school does not adapt solely on the students, but they should also look at the needs and the teaching patterns of the teachers.

With a doctoral degree in K-12 Educational Leadership, I am better equipped with an understanding of how to create and initiate programs that are important for the teaching performance of the school staff. As a teacher, one’s responsibility is to make sure that their students learn. But it does not end their. As a teacher, one is responsible to become a role model that children can look up to, as a source of their inspiration and motivation to become who they want to be in the future.

A teacher creates the future of the world not just through the academic lessons they teach, but the life lessons that they implicitly and explicitly affect the children. With educational leadership, I aim to direct the programs of the schools to a more defining positive inspiration and model for the children. By knowing the intricacies of management, as similar to managing a business, I will better equip myself with the important concepts of management and leadership.

My career path is with leadership and management, thus, it is important for me not only to experience leading and managing but also to learn and to understand all the concepts connected to it. By undergoing the doctorate program, I will be able to gain the important academic and practical knowledge needed to manage the institution better. With this, I will be able to push forward my own ideas and concepts on administration and at the same time, combine it with what I will be learning. I am sure that Walden University will allow me to push forward my career path towards better educational management for teachers and students alike.

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