California Gold Rush: Mark Twain: "The Californian's Tale;

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setting (n)
the place or time where the events in a book, film etc happen
deserted (adj)
empty and quiet because no people are there
abandoned (adj)
when a building, car, boat, etc. has been left by the people who owned or used it
narrator (n)
the person who tells the story in a book
bright (adj)
when a color is easy to see
deep (adj)
going far in from the outside or from the front edge of something
last (v)
to continue to exist, be effective, or remain in good condition for a long time
curtain (n)
a piece of hanging cloth that can be pulled across to cover a window, divide a room, etc.
float (v)
to move slowly through the air or stay up in the air
motion (v)
to give someone directions or instructions by moving your hand or head
rough (adj)
uncomfortable, and with difficult conditions
spirit (n)
the part of someone that you cannot see, that consists of the qualities that make up their character, which many people believe continues to live after the person has died
china (n)
a hard white substance produced by baking a type of clay at a high temperature
vase (n)
a container used to put flowers in or for decoration
gentle (adj)
kind and careful in the way you behave or do things, so that you do not hurt or damage anyone or anything
pat (n)
a friendly act of touching someone with your hand flat
expression (n)
a look on someone's face that shows what they are thinking or feeling
stare (v)
to look at something or someone for a long time without moving your eyes
sigh (v)
to breathe in and out making a long sound, especially because you are bored, disappointed, tired etc
sharp (adj)
a pain or feeling that is sudden and severe
regret (n)
sadness that you feel about something, especially because you wish it had not happened
firmly (adv)
saying an opinion clearly and without the possibility of changing it
sorrow (n)
an event or situation that makes you feel great sadness
whisper (v)
to speak or say something very quietly, using your breath rather than your voice
empty (v)
to drink until there is nothing remaining in the glass
grow (v)
to change and become different, usually slowly
capture (v)
to catch a person and keep them as a prisoner
be supposed to (v phrase)
used to say what was or is expected or intended to happen, especially when it did not happen
Updated: Nov 01, 2022
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