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"The 3 Truths Smart Entrepreneurs Know About Beating the Competition"

Caitlin Koonce

Current Events

24 October 2019

“The 3 Truths Smart Entrepreneurs Know About Beating the Competition”

Entrepreneur 360

October 10, 2019

In this article it talks about being competitive with your competition with many different ways. There are many different ways to be competitive, with multiple factors that we don’t usually take into affect. What makes you competitive can be a variety of effects, for example can be culture impacts. Most people are competitive due to their environment. But when you do the problem solving as a team there are studies that show it can be more effective than solving a problem on your own.

Global diversity is a big competitive factor for most businesses in today’s business environments. Big companies are often global and become really competitive to other big global companies. Basically we are competitive in almost all of our environments, intentional or not it is a natural part of being human.

In the classroom we compete everyday to get a good grade.

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For our group projects there are often timed events that we all compete in. On tests we all compete to do the best or at least not fail. We use our competitive instincts frequently especially when there is bribery.

“Hello quantum world! Google publishes landmark quantum supremacy claim”


October 23, 2019

The article is about a quantum computer made by Google. Google’s team of scientists, led by John Martinis made a quantum computer that can calculate algorithms faster than any other quantum computer in the world. The quantum computer can calculate problems in two and a half days instead of the ten thousand years it would previously taken to solve.

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The quantum computer is the only one currently in the world with this fast of algorithm solving skills. This is one of the first real proofs of quantum speed up for the world. The quantum computer is currently the only one of its kind in the world with this fast processing capabilities. Made by a whole team of scientists Google is currently competing with IBM for maintaining the fastest problem solving process. The “Hello World” programme was invented to help make sure that the quantum computer continues to run flawlessly.

We have talked about the problem solving process in class. And how we have learned vocabulary terms about the first original “computers” and how people used them to solve problems. By combining the problem solving process with a fast computer we are able to solve problems that surpass our own mental capability of solving.

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