CAFS IRP Project Plan Essay

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CAFS IRP Project Plan

1. In your own words briefly explain what you understand is required for the Independent Research Task? It is expected that within our research task we answer/ create findings on a certain topic or question. We need to be interested in the topic in order for it to be a successful and fully finished research task. We are to use primary and secondary research methodologies and are to reference any work/ information that is not our own. For primary research we can use methodologies such as surveys, interviews and observations, and for our secondary research methods we can use literature review, news programmes, statistics etc. For most of this assessment we need to complete it in our own time, but we are also given much class time to formulate questions, hand in drafts, ask questions and work on our research plans individually.

2. Describe your research topic. Be specific as possible.

After much deliberation I have chosen my topic, in which I am going to formulate my research task on, it is: What are the factors affecting body image amongst adolescents aged between 13 and 17? This will focus on how the 3 main factors are exposing adolescents to negative body images, these factors include:

a) The Media
b) Psychological
c) Cultural

3. Which course topic areas is the focus of your IRP?
Individuals and groups

4. Rewrite your topic area as a research questions i.e. A hypothesis / or statement? Adolescents aged 13- 16 body image interpretations of what is good and bad is influenced by three specific factors, they include psychological, cultural and the influence of the media. These specific factors are evident in both girls and boys.

5. Why are you interested in this topic?

I believe that body image and the affects that it has on adolescents is a growing concern within today’s society. I have also known a person that has struggled with body image issues and had found herself in hospital many times due to this. I find the idea of chasing unattainable perfection to be a mental focus that some people cannot break and I would find it intriguing to research the idea of body image from the perspective of 13 – 16 year old teenagers. 6. Outline the methodologies you hope to utilize for your IRP. Include literature review as a methodology. Explain why you are using each method. Literature Review

To gain secondary data
Insight into other findings on the topic
Inspiration for any follow up questions that aren’t answered
To gain an idea of perspective from adolescents aged 13 – 17 I can then use these surveys to compare different age categories Get more information on how important body image is to young people but also how it influences them Compare the information to see if it parallels secondary data


I am planning to interview various workers from the retail industry to see what stories or experiences they have from the influence of the media and how it has affected their workplace 7. Who and where (people and organisations) do you hope to gather your primary data from? I plan on gathering my primary data from various sources, these include: Year 7 students at CCAS

Year 10 students at CCAS

I also plan to have open conversations and ask various open ended questions to school councillors to see whether they have ever had any cases where body image has been an issue. 8. List some resources (at least four) that you can use as secondary data. These will contribute to your literature review. These might include textbooks, newspapers, articles, websites, statistics etc. State how each one is relevant to your IRP. YOU MUST VARY YOUR SOURCES OF SECONDARY DATA. Don’t just use google! I plan on using:

Magazine articles
Magazine covers
Newspaper Articles
Internet websites
And Statistic information that has been gathered from other people.
9.  Week
Details of What is to be done
Brainstorm questions and topics in which I am interested in and begin to gain information and articles about the topic 2
Begin writing up surveys and organise interviews
Hand out surveys and collect data
Draft Project Plan Due Friday 31/10/14
Project Plan Due Friday 7/11/14
Diary Due 14/11/14 – For checking
Complete collecting all data needed and begin writing up report sections for final draft
Begin to finalise all writings and finish all referencing whether it be in text, appendix or bibliography
IRP and Diary Due no later than Friday 5/12/14

10. Identify any potential problem areas you think you may encounter? I believe that it may be hard to get the particular age category in which I have chosen to open up about their opinions and thoughts on the topic, because it can be one that is held quite close to them. I also believe that getting somebody to interview can be difficult, this is because counsellors may not want to or be allowed to display any information referring to a person currently at our school.

11. Any other comments?

I think this is a very interesting task and it will be a challenge to make sure all information is conveyed correctly, but it is much more interesting than taking a test on research methodology because we are not just learning fact, we are putting that fact into practise in a real life situation.

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