Cafe Manila Operating System


The modern technology gave us the idea to create a business. A business that can deal to anybody. A computer shop is seems to be perfect. It monitored the time, less work for the owner of the computer shop. But as they used it, they realized that there are things that needs to be solved immediately so that it won’t affect the business.

Nowadays, most of the people especially in the business is using computer. The use of computer set changes to human being.

It lessen the task of a man and some other things without spending much time on a job their working on, because of the rapid advancement of the technology, more business have relied on the use of the computers.

Computer is applied to all operational and informational processing function of every business. It is widely recognized that the scope of computer application must extend beyond design and production to include the business of the firm.

This descriptive study determined the purposes and effects of usage on cyber café manila users. It was found that most cyber café users are male, young, pursuing or attained a college degree and students that did not own personal computer and has no internet access at home and belonged to the middle- income families. Internet connection was the cyber café service most availed. Primarily, the used the internet for social networking, watching videos, searching information and sending or reading emails.


The internet café uses manual system in recording the usage of their computers.

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They use a log book that contains the following list : computer number, time in and out, time to be consume and the amount to be paid aside from this test, the server is also obliged to ask or mind if the costumer are going to extend their time they about the transaction. After that, they encircle the computer number, calculate it by computing the time, the costumer have consumed.

CCM (Cyber Café Manila) system is time consuming and difficult. Sometimes costumer exceeded their usage because they are not guarded properly and having this kind.


Technology in today’s modern society is constantly evolving at a rapid pace. Almost everything that surrounds us is all about technology, the need of technology is affecting almost every area of society, including company’s businesses have come to rely on sales and inventory systems. Advanced system on sales provide more reliable recording of sales of the business. Sales and inventory makes the business more productive, efficient and convenient to the company and its clients. This sales and inventory system is meant to help the business to show to their customer that they are in line with the use of technology for its demand is extremely high,

By providing more reliable recording of sales of the business, hoping to increase their sales and most to increase the profit of the company. Using the computerized way of inventory is much more superior and far quicker than using the manual system. Indeed implementing sales and inventory system on a company is a big help because it lessen the work load of the employees and minimize the factor of human error.

Inventory systems are used in many different companies today as a tool to make sure the company strives into success. Inventory systems serve several different functions for businesses; one purpose is promoting the sales function by ensuring that a sufficient amount of product is available for customers, another purpose is shrinkage control, that is monitoring the frequency of loss, theft or breakage of products receive.


One of the greatest breakthroughs in man’s never ending search for knowledge is the discovery of computers. At first, computers were mainly used for calculating purposes. However, as the year pass by, man came up with the idea that computers can be used in various application. Technology has since evolve with the development of more advanced and powerful computer machines. At present a computer is defined as “an electronic system that accepts, stores, and process data to produce useful information and solve problems.” Computers have been classified according to the fields of interest where they are being utilized. Information system is one of these areas where computers are used for inputting thousands of data instead of using traditional mechanical methods.

These are later on processed to generate desired output like summary lists and vital statics that can support an organization with the use of a database, files can be maintained by adding, changing, updating and storing them in the existing file or in a new file. There are several reasons why there is a need for an information system in an organization. First reason would be the growing size of the organization which would mean that there is also an increase in the number of tasks and increase in volume of data generated in an organization in which a computerized system can play a vital role. Growing number of company’s competitors should also be take into consideration. Having an information system that can provide faster data processing could be an edge over the other competitors in order to be competitive.


Café manila is having a technical problem with the compatibility on Operating System used by a computer shop.


We proposed to the owner that having a system for their business is much better than doing their business manually. It can help them a lot, not for our good but for the good of their business, as we said it lessen the work and of course it can make their business easier.

So as the conversation goes, we suggest them to use our system. We proposed the system that we have and that was the café manila system. We know that there is a problem in cafe` manila with the compatibility to the operating system (windows). But we try our best to make their business much better than before and to make our system work and very useful.


To upgrade the business of a computer shop using café manila and to lessen the work of the owner.


Develop a better business.
Implement general and appropriate system.
Can detect network problems easily thru the use of café manila. To keep the business organize and Functioning properly.


We read many articles about the cyber café. We ask different owner of a computer shop about our problem. We study how to solve our problem about the compatibility. We discover that almost all of owner of a computer shop was using the free café manila system. 2 out of 10 owners was the only user of café manila with the license. Café manila with licensed was cost a lot of money, and it is renewable every year. Renewing a license and buying a system was another expenses. And not all the owner of a computer shop can afford to buy. So they use the free one, but there is a problem and it is the compatibility on operating system to the café manila, not all the windows are compatible to café manila.

There are different types of café manila and lot types of windows, but we search of windows that are compatible with our system, it was the windows XP. The system that we have was the old café manila so it was secured and compatible by operating system (windows XP). We installed windows XP and installed our downloaded café manila then suddenly it works. Not needed a lot of money and the business was finally enhance from manual to modern. Sometimes finding ways is much better.

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