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In September 24, 2014, Technological Institute of the Philippines (TIP)– Quezon City had a plant trip. It is one requirement in our course’s Production and Operation Management. Our two organizations that we went are in Cafe Amadeo Advancement Cooperative and in Tri-R Allied Industries, INC. Both of them are actually exciting when we heard about those organizations that we will be going for. Our objective here is to get knowledge and to apply it for ourselves in our future work. It was really educational because we saw the procedures of how they do the coffee and also the parts of the lorry.

However before all, my schoolmates and I met within the school at 4:30 am exactly since we do not want to make us left the bus so we proceed for our assurance. The bus leave at school at exactly 7o’ clock in the early morning.

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After traveling of nearly 3 hours, we lastly showed up in Cavite at 10:30 in the early morning. We began to find, observe and learn in Café Amadeo Advancement Cooperative company. Their specific place is at Barangay 6, Poblacion, Amadeo, Cavite. This is the logo design and real view of their business,

Café Amadeo has their basic purpose, vision and mission. Here are they;

To promote the cooperative as lifestyle by improving the social and financial well-being of the people.

The nation leading cooperative that produces and distributes quality coffee.

Produce and provide quality services and products through technologically advanced capabilities its members. Establish expert officers and management team encourge thrift and cost savings awareness.

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In their organization, you should be truly honest and loyal. They held that kind of value. Mrs. Agnes, the spokes man told us that Café Amadeo was started on June 28, 2002 with only 20 members. They have an investment of ₱137,500.00 when Café Amadeo started, but it is just bit of their money. The coffee millers and traders of Amadeo were taking the amount of coffee. Their coffee before were worth rage of ₱450.00 – ₱500.00 per cut. Per cut is about 1 kilo and it has coffee pod yet. The usual coffee before was too expensive but because the coffee was lack of supply, they washout the coffee. Most farmers before usually gets their livelihood in coffee, like Mrs. Agnes’ life. So they take another economical as farming pineapples and papayas because coffee was almost a year when you are harvest it.

But the good news here is, the DTI, DOST, and Provincial Municipal helps their cooperative to promote their products. Their cooperative consists of Farmers, Traders, and Millers. All the members are encouraged to sell and to add capital. It has also set up five market outlets, three in Cavite, one in Parañaque City and lately in San Fernando, Pampanga. From now on, the cooperative is fast growing and keeping to its mission of continually supplying best grade coffee beans and ground coffee for the entire benefit of Amadeo Coffee farmers (4,560) in general and of its members in particular. They has a different kinds of coffee and this is the, Arabica Coffee, Liberica / Baracco Roasted Coffee, Robusta, and Excelsa.

Mrs.Agnes told us that Arabica Coffee is commonly in Davao, Baguio and Benguet because it springing up in high and cold areas. Liberica/Baracco Roasted Coffee produces big beans, resistant to drought. The pulp is very thick and it takes 40 days to dry. Robusta is the number 1 soluble of coffee and most preferred by coffee growers. It dries in 15 days and since the pulp easily separates from the beans, it takes least effort to clean. Excelsa, which is secondly to Baracco. Excelsa is also resistant to drought and takes 25 days to dry. With a pulp that does not separate from the beans when milled.


The process used by Café Amadeo is continuous because there is a very high volume of nondiscrete, highly standardized output is desired and their products have almost no variety in output and no need for equipment flexibility. It is used to manufacture, produce, or process materials without interruption. It also produces greatest quantity of a product over the time. Continuous-flow production requires products for which the same level of quality can be reliably achieved as long as the process of manufacture and the ingredients are unchanged. A production worker in continuous production commonly works in rotating shifts. So that I think they used Job rotation which means having workers periodically exchange jobs to avoid having one or a few employees stuck in a monotonous job because some of the employees will be get bored from their jobs because some of the responsibility there is only putting coffees into their packages or to wait the coffee from machine.

As what I remembered from the speaker, they chose Amadeo province because since then Amadeo is one of the places that already engaging in coffee farming and coffee is Amadeo’s major crop for trade. There is a very high volume of nondiscrete, highly standardized output is desired and their products have almost no variety in output and no need for equipment flexibility. Continuous-flow production requires products for which the same level of quality can be reliably achieved as long as the process of manufacture and the ingredients are unchanged.

They’re also using Product layout, product layout in the sense that there is a flow in the production of coffees or there are step by step processes. From work station 1 to work station 2 and so on and so for. Café Amadeo their stores are located near towns in different places in Cavite so that it can easily be seen by the travelers and also they can be easily recognized by their customers. When it comes to working condition their work places are full of ventilations and sound proof mirrors so that their workers cannot be bothered by any distractions such as heat and other factors that can affect their works.

To be the most preferred manufacturing solution provider


PROFITS-To have a sustainable growth of 20% annually and to maximize profit margin.

PEOPLE-Proud and Happy associates.
PORTFOLIO- To be an industry market leader and game changer.

PARTNERS- To be preferred name the industry.

PLANET- To be an environmental friendly company.

PRODUCTIVITY- Promote effective management of people time and money


Metal stamping presses range from 35 – 600 tons for manufacturing seat frames and automotive parts.

Bare metal parts are pre-treated before powder coating at 240 degrees C. Aside from painting, engaged also in in-house plating.

Welding process occupies a large part of automotive parts manufacturing. From thin metal sheets to form structures. Welding processes include resistance welding, arc and gas welding using welding assembly jigs.

The company cut, saw and assembled motorcycle dual seat assembly using PVC leatherette. Pad cushion and bottom plate.

Two components chemicals are used both for automotive and motorcycle seat pads.

The in-house machining centre fabricates tool and dies. The in-house machining centres fabricate tool and dies.

The company also employ metal casting process using High Press Die and Ductile Iron Casting using aluminium or metal alloys.

TRI-R Inc. uses job shop processing because they are customizing metal processing shop. A job shop process creates the flexibility needed to produce a variety of products or services in significant quantities like in TRI-R they make different kinds of parts of vehicle/cars. Customization is relatively high, and volume for any one product to meet customer quality and service standards. The work force and equipment are flexible and handle various tasks. Typically, they make products to order and don’t produce them ahead of time. The specific needs of the next customer are unknown, and the timing of repeat orders from the same customer is unpredictable. Each new order is handled as a single unit–as a job. A job shop process primarily involves the use flexible flow strategy, with resources organized around the process.

Most jobs have a different sequence of processing steps. The job shop is organized by process, where assembly lines or continuous flow operations are organized in a product layout. In the latter layout, equipment or work processes are arranged according to the exact steps in which the product is made and the path for each part resembles a straight line. And also TRI-R is using Product Layout processing because the layout of equipment and processes in the workstations are distributed around the needs of the end product. Each station is given a small task to complete in a certain sequence.

Because according to the information that I’ve obtained TRI-R is using Product Engineering, according to the definition of Product Engineering it is the process of designing and developing a device, assembly, or system such that it is produced as an item for sale through some production manufacturing process. So that, it became my basis to say that they’re using product layout. Also they are using assembly line of production because the automobiles parts that they are processing are added as the semi-finished assembly moves from work station to work station where the parts are added in sequence until the final product is produced.

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