Cable TV Vs Network TV Essay

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Cable TV Vs Network TV

In addition, consumer trend have changed from dish network, to cable network and direct network. First, consumer had access to only dish networks which provided a limited variety of channels through a satellite receiver and dish antenna. The antenna had to revolve at specific angle in order to capture different channels, nut then, cable television came into play which entirely changed the concept of watching television. With hundreds of channels through a single wire, people had access to more information then ever before.

Concept of couch potatoes also came onto stage according to which there were viewers who actually switched between channels the entire day as they had a large variety of channels . The largest impact of such advancement was seen in the developing countries which actually came to know what was happening in the world outside at a larger scale. Due to a variety of channels covering all sectors of daily life, many cultures started to adopt the western culture because of the fact that most of the channels on cable at that time belonged to the west. This was the time when new TV channels came on air even more rapidly then the news.

Globalization and the concept of westernization in different cultures was seen as the west projected its media all over there world. However, today, the concept of direct TV and network TV are on their boom rather then cable TV because of the fact that consumer preferences have an addition of high quality resolutions rather then just the variety which only the direct TV networks provide. Customer satisfaction and high resolutions were met through which customers paid for only those channels which they wanted to watch rather then subscribing to all of the channels and then switching between them.

Viewers want quality entertainment more then they want bulk entertainment. Almost all news channels tell the same story with different perspectives, but, viewers what to see what is right, what is in accordance to their perspective and stance on specific issues, what is in line with their tastes, what attracts them the most, what tells the truth and what is more attractive. Thus, as direct network TV offers high quality resolution, high quality services and broadcasting along with selection of the channels, the viewers are moving towards this type of media rather than the booming cable network industry.

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