C.S. Lewis: “We have No ‘Right to Happiness” Essay

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C.S. Lewis: “We have No ‘Right to Happiness”

In the essay C.S. Lewis claims that we the people within the world don’t have the right to happiness. Now why would he believe that we don’t? Surely, we have met people in our life’s here and there who we thought were either happy or not. But does that mean in Lewis’ essay that since “We have no right to happiness” that everyone in the world is miserable? Its ironic how nothing has changed in our culture since the time Lewis has wrote this short essay. I believe that people know how to be happy but they just feel like they “supposedly” have a good reason to not be satisfied with their lives. Society today makes “us” brainwashed thinking that we don’t have many rights to do certain things within our lives with all the music, media, and etc. When in reality we do have the right to make a stand and have our happiness be handed to. No one is to be felt like they can’t be happy because I strongly disagree on Lewis’ part for his title in the essay “We have no right to happiness” because I know that based on people’s life can be found happiness in many ways whether they find happiness in life, being rich, or love. Firstly, it just amusing that people misconstrue themselves thinking that they have the right to do whatever makes them feel happy. Even though, in the “Declaration of Independence” states that we are all equal and have rights to do what makes us happy, but to be honest it’s just all lies. For instance, in school our opinions in class shouldn’t affect our grades.

That just shows you how the world just wants you to feel unhappy and that you have no right to speak up your mind. In reality, we truly don’t have equalizes in our own country which I feel it’s a shame because why doesn’t the world not want us to be happy? What we should have is balance in life in order to know what we know will make us happy. The major misunderstanding we the people have is thinking that we can steal, rape, murder people, and etc. Why? Because supposedly we can do whatever that makes us happy, despite the consequences? I feel like there should be limits when we talk about what can make us happy like doing the better deed instead of doing the bad deed that isn’t the right to happiness. We have to remember good deed brings good karma within in yourself and you will be earned the happiness you deserve. Secondly, I find it really unfair how there are millionaires/celebrities who have all the money in the world and still aren’t “happy” with themselves. Personally, if I were them I would be running around with joy in my big beautiful mansion that I bought. I mean if they deserved to be rich with so much money why not be happy?

Therefore, you see celebrities overdosing themselves, and drinking till they can’t any more because they aren’t happy. For example, Brittany Murphy she died from an overdose with of course drug pills why? Honestly, we should all be grateful in the world that we have some sort of happiness to keep us alive because without it we’ll all be weak. In addition, for the people who drink away their problems does it help? Yes, when you’re drunk, but once you’re sober again the issue will always be there. Thus, we should always think twice before we act on whatever we’re doing. In reality, I truly believe that the rich are more depressed then the people who aren’t rich. Reason being, because they know what it is to be thankful and blessed no matter how richer or poorer. Lastly, when I read that in Lewis essay Mr. B wants to divorce his wife because he doesn’t find her sexual attractive anymore. This topic I put to last because it’s the number one topic that truly gets me crazy because I know men out there that actually do that to their dearest wives. Now, when it comes to happiness I always do believe in “second chance”. Why couldn’t Mr. B tell his wife “Oh, honey lately you haven’t seem to care about yourself why don’t you treat yourself to the spa or get your hair done”.

I mean is it that hard to be honest with your love partner? That’s only if you believe in giving “love” one more try and know that you still love him/her and would do anything to make it work. Therefore, that’s why there are a lot of divorces in America sadly to say. Couples forget the reason why they fell in love with each other from the very start and how great they used to communicate together as a strong loving married couple. It’s obvious that Mr. B was only caring about himself and not his wife. What I do know and I don’t want to sound like Im a know-it-all but because I have family members/friends who’s had that situation before getting divorce for so many reasons; that when two people have long lasting happiness it’s not because they are exclusive but because they trust each other and also have loyalty, control over themselves, fair-minded, and etc. Even though Lewis obtainable made Mr. B and his mistress bad in his essay saying that others should be happy by “divorcing”.

Overall, as what Lewis’ wanted to make his readers point out that the word “happiness” is a process of what we can achieve only when our interests aren’t based on ourselves but others too. His title of the essay is just like a question; “Do you believe we have no right to happiness?” It’s a message that Lewis’ sends out to his readers like what do we believe that if we should have the right to be happy. Obviously, we all do have the right no one should feel neglected. Sadly, to say that there are still people today those “think” they are powerless and can’t achieve anything. But I do strongly disagree on Lewis’ part for his title in the essay “We have no right to happiness” because I know that based on people’s life can be found happiness in many ways whether they find happiness in life, being rich, or love. Therefore, this topic is very fun and interesting to write about because everyone has their own opinions whether they believe or not that we should have the right to happiness it’s a very good argument.

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