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Directions 1. Some of the questions/programs are required to be typed, complied, run and then observed. 2. If possible try experimenting with concepts revealed by each question. 3. There are 20 objective type questions on ANSI C. PART – A With every use of a memory allocation function, what function should be used to release allocated memory which is no longer needed? a. ) b.

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) c. ) d. ) unalloc() dealloc() release() free() What will print when the sample code above is executed? a. ) b. ) c. ) d. ) y= y= Compiler Error y= The definition of a above explicitly initializes its first four elements.

Which one of the following describes how the compiler treats the remaining four elements? a. ) The remaining elements are initialized to zero(0). b. ) It is illegal to initialize only a portion of the array. Either the entire array must be initialized, or no part of it may be initialized. c. ) As with an enum, the compiler assigns values to the remaining elements by counting up from the last explicitly initialized element.

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The final four elements will acquire the values 4, 5, 6, and 7, respectively. d. ) They are left in an uninitialized state; their values cannot be relied upon.

Which one of the following functions is the correct choice for moving blocks of binary data that are of arbitrary size and position in memory? a. ) b. ) c. ) d. ) memcpy() memset() strcpy() memmove() What value does testarray[2][1][0] in the sample code above contain? a. ) b. ) c. ) d. ) 5 7 9 11 Which one of the following provides conceptual support for function calls? a. ) b. ) c. ) d. ) The system stack The data segment The text segment The heap What does y in the sample code above equal? a. ) -3 b. ) 4 c. ) 4 + sizeof ( int ) d. ) 4 * sizeof ( int ) What will the above sample code produce when executed? a. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5, b. ) 4, 3, 2, 1, 0, 0, c. ) 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0, d. ) 0, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, What does the operation shown above produce? a. ) 1 b. ) 6 c. ) 8 d. ) 14 Referring to the sample above, what is MAX_NUM? a. ) MAX_NUM is an integer variable. b. ) MAX_NUM is a linker constant. c. ) MAX_NUM is a preprocessor macro. d. ) MAX_NUM is an integer constant. Referring to the sample code above, what value will the variable completed? a. ) 0 b. ) 1 c. ) 2 d. ) 3 have when What string does ptr point to in the sample code above? a. ) fg b. ) efg c. ) defg d. ) cdefg Which one of the following is a true statement about pointers? . ) Pointer arithmetic is permitted on pointers of any type. b. ) A pointer of type void * can be used to directly examine or modify an object of any type. c. ) Standard C mandates a minimum of four levels of indirection accessible through a pointer. d. ) Pointers may be used to simulate call-by-reference. Which one of the following functions returns the string representation from a pointer to a time_t value? a. ) b. ) c. ) d. ) localtime gmtime asctime ctime Which one of the following variable names is NOT valid? a. ) b. ) c. ) d. ) go_cart__ go4it 4thseason _what

In terms of code generation, how do the two definitions of buf, both presented above, differ? a. ) The first definition certainly allows the contents of buf to be safely modified at runtime; the second definition does not. b. ) The first definition is not suitable for usage as an argument to a function call; the second definition is. c. ) The first definition is not legal because it does not indicate the size of the array to be allocated; the second definition is legal. d. ) They do not differ — they are functionally equivalent. In a C expression, how is a logical AND represented? a. ) b. ) c. ) d. ) || . AND. && . AND

What will print when the sample code above is executed? a. ) b. ) c. ) d. ) z=0. 00 z=1. 00 z=1. 50 z=2. 00 What is wrong with the above code (assuming the call to malloc does not fail)? a. ) b. ) c. ) d. ) There will be a memory overwrite. There will be a memory leak. There will be a segmentation fault. It will not compile. How is enum used to define the values of the American coins listed above? a. ) enum coin {(penny,1), (nickel,5), (dime,10), (quarter,25)}; b. ) enum coin ({penny,1}, {nickel,5}, {dime,10}, {quarter,25}); c. ) enum coin {penny=1,nickel=5,dime=10,quarter=25}; d. ) enum coin (penny=1,nickel=5,dime=10,quarter=25);

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