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Computer Hardware

I. LECTURE OVERVIEW Foundation Concepts: Computer Hardware, reviews trends and developments in microcomputer, midrange, and mainframe computer systems; basic computer system concepts; and the major types of technologies used in peripheral devices for computer input, output, and storage. Computer Systems – Major types of computer systems are summarized in Figure 13.2. A computer is a system of information processing components that perform input, processing, output, storage, and control functions. Its hardware components include input and output devices, a central processing…...

Computer structure and logic

Learning Objectives and Outcomes -This assignment addresses the learning objective “Explain BIOS, POST, and derived processes.” The expected learning outcome that will result from completing the assignment is you will be able to describe the operation of BIOS and POST. In video 1.01 it talks about BIOS and CMOS and how they are different. The difference between BIOS and CMOS is that BIOS stored in ROM, they’re permanent and cannot be edited. On the other hand CMOS stored in RAM,…...

Introduction to Computer Organization and Computer Evolution

In describing computer systems, a distinction is frequently made between computer architecture and computer system company. Although it is difficult to offer precise definitions for these terms, a consensus exists about the basic areas covered by each. Computer Architecture refers to those qualities of a system noticeable to a developer or, put another method, those attributes that have a direct effect on the sensible execution of a program. Examples of architectural characteristics consist of the instruction set, the number of…...

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Hardware Components

There are several types of hardware storage devices invented and designed to facilitate encoded and retrieved data storage in computers. Some of the examples of these storage devices include the ff. : the hard disk, floppy disk, RAM, CD ROM, and tape. Furthermore, these storage devices together with hardware component of clock speed play their distinct roles to determine the speed and speed rate of a computer (MSD, 2006). Body First, introduced in 1956 and developed during 1973, by the…...

Intel vs AMD for Personal Computer

In an age where technology is constantly evolving and the demand for performance is increasing, the central processing unit (CPU), also known as the processor, is a main concern for many computer buyers. There are many considerations that take place when choosing a processor such as whether the computer will be used for storage or gaming, will the user be looking for performance in speed or graphics, and individual budget. Among all the different brands the two biggest companies considered…...

Generations of Computer

The advancement of the integrated circuit was the hallmark of the third generation of computers. Transistors were miniaturized and put on silicon chips, called semiconductors, which considerably increased the speed and performance of computer systems. A chip is a small piece of semi conducting material( normally silicon) on which an incorporated circuit is ingrained. A typical chip is less than 1/4- square inches and can include countless electronic elements( transistors). Computer systems consist of lots of chips positioned on electronic…...

Motherboard Technology

Prior to generation of Microprocessors i.e. in 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation computer systems, the computer system was typically integrated in a card-cage case or mainframe with components connected by a backplane consisting of a set of slots themselves gotten in touch with wires; in very old styles the wires were discrete connections between card adapter pins. However printed circuit boards soon ended up being the standard practice in the late 1970s. The Central Processing System, memory and peripherals were…...

Basic Parts of Computer

Introduction Almost everyone uses a computer daily, but numerous don't know how a computer system works or all the different individual pieces that make it up. In fact, numerous individuals incorrectly look at a computer system and call it a CPU or a tough drive, when in truth these are just two parts of a computer. When these specific parts are connected together they create a complete and working gadget with an all including name of computer system. As a…...

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