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Customer Service Ethics The Big Kahuna The movie starts with three salespeople settling at the hotel. They came to a business convention in order to meet with the very rich business man: Dick Fuller. Their company was having a bad season, so they were trying to persuade Mr. Fuller to buy their products. From the beginning of the movie it was easy to realize that heroes of the story have some emotional problems. For instance, the oldest guy: Phil, who was probably in his 50-s, had problems.

Even though he tried to show that everything was normal, but it was obvious that he was unhappy with his salesman’s life. Also, he recently got divorced. Throughout the movie in his mind he tries to commit suicide.

Another hero: Bob, was in his middle 20-s. He just got married, and he was in his first professional trip. Bob associated everything with the God, and because of this he had hard time during the trip.

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He got criticized a lot because of his believes. The last hero of the movie was Larry. He was the opposite of Phil and Bob. He liked to have fun time. Also, he enjoyed every chance to get into arguments with his co-workers whenever it was possible, and show to them that he was right and they were wrong. Three of them did not match with each other, and that is where their problems started to appear.

One interesting fact that I noticed was that the whole movie took place in the same hotel room.

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It gave the opportunity to listen their dialogues closely. I felt like I was in the same room with them. At the night three salespeople hosted a business party in hopes to get Mr. Fullers attention and offer him a contract. He came with a different name tag, so no one noticed that he was there. However, he talked with Bob about his dog’s death. As I mentioned already, Bob believed in Jesus Christ, so he started to talk about his believes instead of the sales. Larry got mad when he realized that they lost their chance to get a big contract.

If we make the real-world parallel, we can see that unhappy workers might destroy business opportunities. I understand that Bob had his religious beliefs, but in the movie it looked like that he did not care about the business at all. He was just there to talk with people about Jesus because it was important for him. Besides money, religion played important role in his behavior. Unhappy workers usually provide poor service, after which customers do not come back. Also, they make the negative and tense working atmosphere. For instance, in the movie, because of Bob’s behavior, co-workers started to fight with each in their room, and after that, they gave up the project that they were assigned to complete. When workers do not take any responsibility for their actions, it will bring negative effects for a company.

It is always important to speak with workers to understand why they are unhappy, and how their problems could be solved. Before sending workers to business trips it is important to match their characters to get the necessary outcome from a business trip. In conclusion, the movie tries to explain that we all are different and have our own values about life. People have right to choose the correct way of life for themselves. We should not be scared about what others will think or say about us. Bob showed that you have to stay true to yourself no matter into what situation you get. In the world that we live in there is a huge need for documentaries. Not every country has freedom.

Many people in these countries have miserable lives. Documentaries help them to raise their voices and share stories with the rest of the world. Sometimes documentaries are terrifying. For instance the documentary: Voices of Iraq, shows that Iraqis struggled for very long period of time under Saddam Hussein’s regime. The idea of the documentary was to pass 150 video cameras to Iraqis and ask them to talk about their emotions, feelings, and thoughts about ethical dilemmas that they face. These cameras showed the real horror through Iraqis eyes. Without them the documentary wouldn’t be as emotional as it is with them. During the invasion of Iraq many people who were at their houses in The United States did not have enough information on what was really going on.

Producers of the documentary omitted many ethical dilemmas. In the beginning of the movie it was said that the whole footage was filmed by Iraqis. However, during the documentary, producers added pictures and videos of torture from archives. This shows that the documentary was biased in some ways, and it was not only about Iraqis opinions as was suggested. On the question if Iraqis were glad that Americans came to their country, majority of respondents answered yes. When I finished watching the documentary, I felt that I was watching the propaganda instead of the documentary. I think the press was exaggerating the situation in Iraq. The world was sure that it is so dangerous in Iraq that people were afraid to go outside, while in the documentary we see that Iraqis were smiling and dancing on the streets.

Also, in the ending almost everyone had the same shared views about Americans, which seemed to me weird. Moreover, the fact that only the small part of the long-hours footage was used in the documentary shows that the producer kept the ones that he preferred. On the other hand, not much was said about many thousands of Iraqis Civilians, who were killed as a result of American bombings. After that, many Iraqis just said that they love Americans and that they are heroes. Even though this documentary was raising Iraqis voices, you can see that the documentary was biased. In addition to that it was funded by the United States Army and used during 2004 presidential elections. The documentary pretends to be neutral but it is not.

One important thing that this documentary achieved was that it showed the rest of the world that people in Iraq are just like us. They have families, friends, and values. Stereotypes made all Iraqis look bad, but it is wrong. After it was announced that Saddam Hussein was no longer alive, many people cried from happiness. In their eyes you can see hopes about the future. During wars behind of scenes there are some people who are happy. Reason for their happiness is that they get a chance to make billions of dollars in revenue. Their private companies start making and providing huge amounts of weapons and necessary items to both sides. This is good for the economy because many private companies start to make billions. Also, they make many openings and employ workers during wars.

To sum up,, whether or not this was a documentary or propaganda, it taught me a lot about Iraq and people who lived there during Saddam’s regime. Before watching it, I did not have enough knowledge about the situation, and the documentary did its job by showing details from Iraqis point of view. There are still many questions related to the documentary’s credibility, but overall the documentary did its informative job. It raised the Iraqis voices about the issues that they had, and made many people to change their minds about Iraq.

Control Room is the documentary, which shows how the United States and Arab media networks made news about the Iraq War. At that time Al-Jazeera had the biggest Arab audience in the world, so they were the one of the major companies that covered the war between the United States and Iraq. They translated all announcements coming from the United States and took big risks to cover and share scenes that no other news company did before. During wars usually unethical misinformation harms fighting sides. News stations show what they feel is acceptable to share with their nation, so sometimes they do not give full information on what is really going on in battlefields.

I think that Al-Jazeera was more of a propagandist station than the news source. Their educated journalists were part of the unethical organization. I think that is normal because during wars people do everything to help their country. They were editing and using anti-American scenes which leaded many Iraqis to hate Americans and see them as an enemy instead of liberators. During their interviews, they made attempts to find out exact places of American troops. It was interesting to follow how respondents acted to this kind of provocation in real war situations. It seemed that Al-Jazeera did not care about worldwide established professional journalistic ethical standards. They shared videos and pictures of death and tortured soldiers.

During the documentary, I hoped that I could find the answer on the question: Why did America start the war against Iraq? Unfortunately, I heard only that President Bush’s administration thought that Iraq was a threat and that they had strong weapons that they can use for mass destruction purposes. To me it is not a strong argument. There were a lot other countries that had even better weapons than Iraq. However, the massive propaganda that was made by American president’s administration, leaded majority of American people to think that the war against Iraq was the best way to neutralize the upcoming threat. America viewed Iraq as a center of terrorism. Of course Al-Jazeera could not just watch from the side. They started to publish terrifying scenes of dying or already dead American soldiers in order to show American citizens what might happen with their soldiers.

It was unethical to share such materials with public, but with such attempts, they probably tried to stop Americans emotionally. They understood that America is more powerful than Iraq and they have no chance to win the war on the battlefield. The documentary helped to understand that during wars each nation shares news differently and people believe to their national news. It showed that when you are in the middle, you can see that both sides are unethical and they lie to their citizens in order to control them. We need to get more educated about this issue to make sure that we get the truth from news. I think during wars reporters from fighting countries are biased and for them their country will be right. During wars reporters from neutral countries could do a better job, but many of them will not put their lives at risk to go to a battlefield for another country.

In summary, Control Room is an amazing documentary, which shows in details how American and Arab news stations and propagandist centers influenced the war between the United States and Iraq. Depending from which station people got their news, they became the victim of that propaganda. Hopefully, one-day world’s nations will stop fighting each other and live in peace. Terrorism should be erased from the world, because of them many countries got involved into unnecessary wars and lost thousands of people forever. Countries should continue to educate their citizens to make better nations.

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