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Flipkart case study

...The research that I would like to conduct is exploratory research as I will collect the data from the sample size as defined by me. I will be examining a data set and will look out for potential relations between variables defining the factors responsible for the effectiveness of E commerce in current business scenario. I will be focusing on the quantitative aspect of the research and will start my research by determining the various factors involved with the proposal. However, I will also try t...

Importance of good leadership for a business

...Under such style of management, success depend on the competence and integrity of subordinates. But workers are motivated to work. A paternalistic management style is a form of management whereby managers pay more attention to the social aspects of their employees; they are concerned with keeping them happy and motivated, and act as a sort of father figure to the employees. In such a management style, decisions are made with the best interests of the workers at heart. Conclusion: Importance of l...

Advertising and Public Relations Portfolio

...2.7.2 Explain how each activity contributes to the “big idea” Each media contains the phrase “help children that are abandoned, abused, orphaned and handicapped” which is the ‘big idea’ for this communication campaign. 1. The billboard’s meaning to catch passers-by’s attention to raise awareness for the children of Tumelo Home for the Mentally Handicapped Children. By helping them, you help yourself be a better person by society’s standards. 2. The Facebook advert is aimed at ...

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Max Weber - Bureaucracy

...In order for this structure to function properly there must be a definite split between superiors and suborinates otherwise the authority levels are undermined. Group conflicts are more likely in a “them versus us” situation, and if a manager socialises with their staff they are merging the statuses of the groups. Communications between subordinates often become a problem, as there is no difference in authority between the grades. Then there is the tall structure, which many people often pre...

The army crew team

...In this case, Coach P. as a leader didn’t play his role well. He paid more attention on individual performance over team performance, putting V team on a higher and difficult position without additional guidance. Although trust is an important element in this sport, he did nothing for teamwork. He even caused a rift in between and made situation worse. Each leader has different leadership style, someone prefer “management by committee” while the other prefer to decide alone. Whatever style...

ASOS Case Study

...They believe in speedy, reliable and convenient deliveries. There is no minimum order amount, so in this way customer can start building trust. So customer can order and start building loyalty. ASOS emails their customers so that they can track their delivery. Return and refund policy is also there. In 2012 ASOS also started their international office in Sydney and New York to give better customer services. They even give 10% discount to students to promote their brand between youth. ASOS have t...

Word of Mouth

...some sort of hard work to get positive word of mouth from their customers. Word of Mouth Marketing is not what is known as stealth marketing, in other words lying to people and get the positive word of mouth from them. Yes, it can be done for just a small period, when people get to know you are a faked company it’s very hard to get the positive word of mouth, even though this time you come out with truth and quality product. Marketing has a long history. But in every place of that history word...


...Although it is different on a lot of different aspects, we will focus on the main and most influential aspect which is the company’s financial results. Google’s managers succeeded into creating a well-protected company. Their system of dual-class equity enables them to be a solid company. There cannot be any second-guessing as the main investors, that is to say themselves, know the company’s strategy and whereabouts. Moreover, it prevents investors from distorting the company’s larger go...

Marketing strategy of Teletalk Banladesh

...The biggest advantage of is that it’s a government company though teletalk did not established as a market leader. And teletalk can improve its product and service to retain in the market. GP is the leader in the market and banglalink is in the second position. Teletalk has got lot of aspect to improve the situation. To be the market leader teletalk must be very careful in the field of marketing plan and the success of the company is a matter of subject that how they are implementing the plan....

CRM at Minitrex

...Jamalzadeh,M.M., Behravan, N.N., Markhali, A.,& Jouya, S. (2013). Customer Relationship Management Constructs Initiating Successful e- business Strategy for Service- based Companies. Journal of Applied Sciences, 13(1), 60-69. doi: 10.3923/jas.2013.60.69 Smith, H.A., and J. D. Mckeen. “CRM at Minitrex,” #9-L05-1-002. Queen’s School of Business, January 2005. Reproduced by permission of Queen’s University, School of Business, Kingston, Ontario. Wailgum, Thomas. "CRM Definition and Solu...


...1. Kotler Philip, Marketing Management: Analysis, Planning, Implementation and control, 8th ed. 1996, Englewood Cliffs, NJ:Prentice Hall, New Delhi. 2. Roberts, John Marketing for the Hospitality Industry, 1993, Hodder Stoughton, London. 3. Kotler, Philip, Marketing Management, the millennium edition, (10th edition) 1999, Prentice hall of India, New Delhi. 4. Reich A.Z., Marketing Management for the hospitality Industry: a Strategic Approach (1997), John Wiley & Sons Inc., New York. 5. Wearn...

Addendum to the Risk Assessment Matrix

...Quality Assurance Metrics: Quality can be very relative and subjective. In order to take out the subjectivity from quality measurement, the team can be asked to work together and come up with tangible metrics to measure the quality of all the technical deliverables that are worked on. This will serve in obtaining an unbiased and tangible view of the progress made on any of the technical deliverables and measure readiness of the solution that is being worked on. With all of the above listed recom...

Case Study 8.1: His Team Gets the Best Assignments

...4.Do you think Carly should change her approach toward the associate directors? If so, what should she do differently? Definitely, organizations stand to gain much from having leaders who can create good working relationship. Carly should try to be an effective leader and build effective relationships with all her employees, the number one thing to do would be to communicate and listen to each of them about their roles and responsibilities. She should also support them in their tasks and motivat...

Objective Function vs Constraints in Linear Programming

...Linear Programming Model in Operation Research study is usually mathematical type of model which contains set of equations that represent objective function and constraints. The keywords in this article are Objective Function and Constraints, according to Heizer & Render (2008) Objective Function are mathematical expression expressed in linear programming designed to maximizes or minimizes some quantity, for example profit can maximized while the cost might be reduced. The objective function...

Study Plan

...When I return to my country I plan to take with me as many positive things as I can, apply them there and hope to become a successful professional. It is my desire and passion to contribute to my country with my education and management skills. I know that my country possesses all the tools to become as great and developed as Taiwan. Taiwan has become a country havingpower, able to invest, create and grow. That is something I want so much to bring back home. That is why I want to prepare myself ...

Examine the Impact of Multinational Corporations Setting up in Developing Countries

...Action Institute. Multinational Corporations in the Third World: Predators or Allies in Economic Development? http://www.acton.org/pub/religion-liberty/volume-2-number-5/multinational-corporations-third-world-predators-o. Accessed 2/05/2012. GhanaWeb. Multinational Corporations and the Developing World. http://www.ghanaweb.com/GhanaHomePage/NewsArchive/artikel.php?ID=171863. Accessed 3/05/2012. Global Issues. The Rise of Corporations. http://www.globalissues.org/article/234/the-rise-of-corporati...

Swot Analysis of Zara’s


The New Training Program for the Carter Cleaning Company


Powerade marketing

...If we analyze the currently available data then we come up with a statement that total cost of natural disasters in Australia between the years 1967 and 1999 is approximately $36.4 billion, which is easy to say and hard to believe. If we integrate deaths and injuries into this data then the total cost increases to $37.8 billion or approximately $85 per person compared to prices in 1999. This estimation brings to an average annual total cost of natural disasters to $1.14 billion since 1967 or $1....

The McKinsey 7S Framework

...The analysis should be made in a way that you can rate the quality of the relations between different elements and state if they fit perfectly. If it does not, there are two possible ways to find a solution: the firm can work to change the aspects of the “S`s” that are misaligned or it can change the strategy so it fits with the current situation of the company. As you make adjustments and realign the elements, it will start a iterative process. You will keep making them and reanalysing to s...

Human Resource is the Most Important Asset of an Organization

...Google has been ranked first in Fortune Magazine’s annual Best Companies to Work For in 2013 (“100 Best Companies to Work For”). Google is well known for its lavish perks for employees such as free gourmet food, free massages, on-site laundry, Wi-Fi commuting shuttles, etc. In fact, Google monitors its employees’ well-being to a great degree. Google’s HR department, called People Operations (or POPS), collects and monitors data on how employees respond to benefits (“Here’s How Goog...

Busi 650-ILP Final

...An additional way that we differentiate ourselves from our competition is through our breadth and depth of inventory. We believe our inventory is deeper than our competitors with $10.1 million in on-hand inventory as of December 31, 2005 and more than 5,800 items comprising approximately 28,000 different SKUs. With our extensive inventory position and rapid fulfillment capability, we have historically been able to fill approximately 95% of the items ordered within an average of 1.5 business days...

Business issues and the context of HR

...The first thing HR did, it was to select two champions among the most senior and influencing employees, trained them on the reform and invite them to share the news with the team. This approach was useful to create a good feeling about the reform and all the changes related to it. Then, during the sixty day consultation period, HR organized workshops during which, financial expert from Capita, presented and explained the reform and its consequences and gave personalized advice to the employees. ...

Strategic planning

...Mintzberg, H. 2000. The rise and fall of strategic planning. New York: Free Press. Pettigrew, A. M., Thomas, H. and Whittington, R. 2002. Handbook of strategy and management. London: Sage Publications. Porter, M. E. 1980. Competitive strategy. New York: Free Press. Prahalad, C.K. and Hamel, G. (1990) The core competence of the corporation, Harvard Business Review (v. 68, no. 3) pp. 79–91. Shell.com. 2014. New Lens Scenarios - Shell Global. [online] Available at: http://www.shell.com/global/fut...

Analysis the operations management of Starbucks

...This idea has positive influence to increase customers' satisfaction of the brand, thus raising the demand of customers. As more customers coming, the supply of the Starbucks should be added in order to balance the relation between supply and demand. Quality is the soul of a company, and the author can not agreed any more about this. This essay clarified the elements which are needed to balance the supply and demand in a hospitality organisation. Starbucks, the world leading coffee retail compa...

Role of a partner in a partnership firm

...The intent of the legislature while drafting this law seems to provide the benefit to the minor that the partner enjoys. But not all the benefits, he only enjoys a few. Otherwise he would be termed as the minor as a partner under section 30 of the partnership firm. But the words used are- minor as the beneficiary to the partnership. Thus in certain conditions, minor is open to enjoy the privileges of the partner but not all the privileges. He can only fit into the shoes of the full-fledged partn...


...It is without a doubt that Castle’s Family Restaurant is in need of Automating HR tasks in order to save time and money while keeping their customers and employee’s satisfied; because we all know that if the employee is not happy, neither is the customer. It is my suggestion that payroll be the first HR function to be automated. By Automating payroll time is saved, errors are reduced; payments and deductions, and records are kept while keeping in compliance with state and federal regulation...

Case Study DGL International

...When DGL International, a manufacturer of refinery equipment, brought in John Terrill tomanage its Sales Engineering division, company executives informed him of the urgentsituation. Sale Engineering, with 20 engineers, was the highest-paid, best-educated, andleast-productive division in the company. The instruction to Terrill: Turn it around. Terrillcalled a meeting of engineers. He showed great concern for their personal welfare andasked point blank: “What’s the problem? Why can’t we pro...

Internal and External Factors affect the four functions of management

...Bateman, T. S., & Snell, S. A. (2011). Management: Leading and Collaborating in a Competitive World (9th ed.). Phoenix, AZ: Author. DaVita, Inc. (2014). www.Davita.com. Retrieved from http://www.davita.com Peerzada, A. (2012, January 12). US-based DaVita picks up stake in NephroLife Care for India entry. Retrieved from http://articles.economictimes.indiatimes.com/2012-01-12/news/30620033_1_davita-dialysis-renal-failure Travis, T. (2012, October 2). Time To Follow Berkshire Into DaVita. Retri...

Apple INC

...Azadi Siamek and Rahimzadeh, E. (2012). Developing Marketing Strategy for Electronic Business by Using Porter’s Five Competitive Forces Volume 2 pg 47-57 Cusumano, M. (2002). Technological Strategy and Management. The Puzzle of Apple Inc. Harvard Business School Press, Boston MA. Renko. N. Sustic I. (2004). Designing Market Strategy Using the Five Competitive Forces by Michael Porter International Journal of Management Cases. Pg 376-382 Thompson, A and Gamble. J (2006) Strategy, Core Concepts ...

?Organizational Counseling

...The ability to counsel is an important skill for managers and caring co-workers. Organizations that have people trained in counseling will be better able to handle their people issues than those that do not. Staffs who are feeling anxious, stressed, or unhappy will not be able to perform very well on the job despite their background and experience. If they have had an opportunity to talk through their problems with a trained counselor, they will be able to be much more productive. This will save...

Registration and Billing System

...This study aimed at improving the existing system of Royal. The results of this study indicated both positive results and negative results. It can be concluded that the findings were consistent with their results. Furthermore, this study found that the registration and billing system helped the administration and accounting department for the safe keeping of their documents. In addition, the study also revealed some obstacles that the entity had to face when they applied the system. These obstac...

?Differrences between Invitation to treat and Proposal

...Cross offer - When the offers made by two persons to each other containing similar terms of bargain cross each other in post they are known as cross offers. For example, on 1st January A offers to sell his radio set to B for Rs. 500/- through a letter sent by post. On the same date B also writes to A making an offer to purchase A's radio set for Rs. 500 /- When A or B send their letters they do not know about the offer which is being made by the other side. In these cross offers, even though bo...

Human Resource Management

...Organizations in contemporary times have become relatively more dynamic, vivid and customer-centric in order to survive in this highly competitive market. This has made the role of a human resource management more challenging because the sustenance of any company is dependent on the performance of its human resources and also the apt utilization of all other resources by them. The traditional role of HR managers was confined majorly to maintaining employee records, managing employee compensation...


...I will use stakeholder approach for the outreach program become reality. The idea of stakeholder approach to strategic management, suggests that managers must formulate and implement processes which satisfy all and only those groups who have a stake in the business. The central task in this process is to manage and integrate the relationships and interests of shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, communities and other groups in a way that ensures the long-term success of the firm. A sta...

Integrated Marketing Plan

...1. Bodnar, Kipp. (2010). B2B Social Media Lessons from Domino’s “Pizza Turnaround” Campaign”. Retrieved November 28,2013 from http://socialmediab2b.com/2010/01/dominos-pizza-turnaround-campaign/ 2. Alfs, Lizzy. (2013). What’s next for domino’s Pizza? CEO Patrick Doyle outlines some goals. Retrieved November 26, 2013 from http://www.annarbor.com/business-review/whats-next-for-dominos-pizza-ceo-patrick-doyle-outlines-some-goals/. 3. Domino’s Pizza Inc. (2013). Retrieved December 11, ...

FAQ about Business

Why BMW Group has been successful?

...http://innovationleaders.org/bmw_company_profile.html? [Accessed 19 Aug. 2013] 4. TONG Na. (2011). Localized marketing strategy boosts BMW’s China sales. China economic net. 5. WANG Jinggang (2009).?????????????????. http://wenku.baidu.com/view/b70 ...

How does an organization create customer value

...Therefore, it is not just resolving the issue that makes the customer value your company, it is the speed at which that issue or complaint is resolved. The desire of each marketing person and each company, per se, is building a strong and loyal custo ...

Mass media doesn’t tell you what to think, but it tells you what to think about

...Furthermore, with the rise of television, radio, propaganda, and advertising, a counter argument may be created. The Hypodermic Needle Theory states that the mass media does tell you what to think. This theory suggests that the population is seen as ...

What Great Managers Do

...Figuring out the strengths of your employees is no easy task. There are several components the author cites as tools to the identification of those strengths. One component is to ask two questions which through their responses will pinpoint strengths ...

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