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Business Writing Skills Development

Categories Activity, Communication, Society, Writing

Essay, Pages 2 (297 words)



Essay, Pages 2 (297 words)

After the studying of this semester, my writing skills of business writing, reading skills, and communication skills had a progress. First of all, the process of writing is really important and significant. I learned the process which covers planning, composing and revising from this JGEN class. To be honest, it is really helpful. Before studying the process, I always feel the business writing is hard for me. Currently, I just need to follow the steps of the process and an effective business writing can be finished.

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In addition, for the business writing, I can use direct and indirect methods to respond the complaint messages, to give the customer’s negative messages and to provide the persuasive letters which attached with business goals. At the same time, the readers’ moods and the emotions which the messages convey also need to be considered. More than that, I was also benefit from the email and letter writing.

The techniques of those writings not only can be used in business field, but also can be used to communicate with your teacher and family, etc.

For example, I even don’t know the formatting of the email before this class. Moreover, for the resume and job application cover letter, I think it also extremely helpful, because finding jobs is the necessary and the first steps of our careers. The resume should be made personally and specially. Last but not least, the most important thing which I should state is the group project.

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I want to say that I really enjoy the whole process. From preparation of the report to performing of the presentation, I learned many things, like research skills, discussion which can share the ideas, and practice of the presentation. The effective communication of the group is really inevitable and we made it.

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