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A business communication team, at Oscado County Community College, is seeking a grant to develop and expand a business writers’ hotline project that will be at the forefront at providing answers to different mechanics, grammar and formatting questions through text messages and emails. The main objective is that by the end of the first year of service the business writers’ hotline project will have answered many questions concerning different topics in business, which will eventually empower growth and development of many individuals as well as organizations.

The business writers’ hotline project will be based on the latest research about customer communication and satisfaction through an advanced information publication technology that ensures that precise and detailed explanations reach the people in real time. Funding of at least $3,000 is requested to fully cover the costs of staff training, equipment acquisition, necessary software purchases, room reservation, and advertisements.

Statement of need

At Oscado County, people need to get answers to most of their questions regarding their regular occupations and professions.

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Hence, communication is essential. Effective communication builds good relationships which have the capability of improving an individual’s income or an organization’s productivity substantially. Poor communication, on the other hand, has the potential to result in many unforeseen problems such as delayed projects, disgruntled customers as well as diminishing productivity. Therefore, the success of any project in an organization depends on the capability of the staff to collaborate based on effective business communication, which promotes trust and understanding between staff members.

Results of the project

The business writers’ hotline project will effectively face the problem of communication in Oscado.

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With the help of qualified customer service providers, people will have clear and detailed answers to most of their question in real time. The business writers’ hotline project will have an effective team of professionals who will dedicate most of their time towards reading and analyzing question requests, then researching and compiling matching answers, and relaying the information efficiently through advanced and secure email and text messages portals.

Targeted people

The primary audience for this project will be the people of Oscado county as well as people from other parts of the country. Answers to many of their questions regarding their various endeavors will be available immediately upon their subscription. With the business writers’ hotline project online, the people from Oscado county, as well as people from outside of Oscado, will have a useful portal that will receive and relay vital information that is not only beneficial but also satisfactory.

Project Description

The business writers’ hotline project will be an efficient communication platform based on telephones, emails as well as reliable internet connectivity. For a start, a secure channel or portal will be created, and users will have the opportunity to register for the service. After that, a brief tutorial will be available to all registered users to ensure they are fully familiarized with the terms of service. A suitable subscription option will be available to each customer based on their preferences and needs. Once the requirements have been met, every registered user will have access to the business writers’ hotline resources as well as telephone assistance at a simple click of a button.


The main advantage of the business writers’ hotline project will be enhanced communication and information dissemination. Critical information and data will be available to individuals seeking the service once they get their registration completed. Additionally, many business organizations, as well as individual operations, will thrive significantly based on the fact that stable relationships will have been built by communication.

Estimated Cost

The estimated cost of the project is $3,000. The cost will cover most of the projects needs that are necessary for a successful launch of the entire operation. Firstly, efficient hardware and software that are capable of facilitating the transfer of requested information, telephone calls and emails will have to be purchased. A dedicated team of customer support will be oriented by an elite group of professional communication specialists for the various positions in the business writers’ hotline project. Finally, a suitable, centralized and cost-favorable location will have to be negotiated for the company before its final launch.


The business writers’ hotline project will consist of many people involved on both sides of customer support and clients. The customer support staff will involve a dedicated team of certified business management individuals who have at least three years of experience. Additionally, a technical team of certified engineers will be included to adequately supervise and control the operation of both the hardware and software. The client side will involve people who have legal certification documents for their occupations.

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