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Organizational activities and performance depend on internal and external factors. For that reason reviewing the business strategy is very important otherwise it is very usual to lose its momentum. Business strategy helps to gain business intelligence. From the survey it was found that every 5 to 15 years companies face a certain difficulties which need to overcome. Business strategy helps to build such a structure which will protect the organization to face the storm. Most of the expertise think that business strategy facilitates the competitive advantage to the organization.

Executive Summary The Coca Cola corporation is defined to be the most well known trade mark in the world, and It Is Justly so. Coca Cola owns over 400 brands that appeal to many different people all throughout the world. They are able to satisfy the needs of all their consumers and make their experiences with Coca Cola better. The Coca Cola products appeal to a wide range of people from all races, genders, and ages.

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Coca Cola is well known for its worldwide popularity as its products are sold to over 200 Mission Vision Goals and Objectives and Core competencies of Coca-Cola Company.

Include also Influence of Internal and External Environment to selected company. And identify the different strategic planning such as SOOT Analysis, PEST Analysis, BCC matrix. Be able to mention a new strategy through BCC matrix and BCC Product cycle for organization audit. Through the SOOT, PEST and Porters Five Force theories can apply environment audit, How effect company behaviors and other factors to the world.

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Include the significance of stakeholder analysis such as primary and secondary stake holders. And can understand approaches to strategy evaluation and selection.

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