Business Strategy Atlanta Braves Baseball Team


The purpose of this case is to present a situation illustrating how beneficial it can be for a business and its employees to understand customers, which help things, go right in a business strategy. The case has students think critically about the need for business research as a means to develop business operations.


Turner Field, the Atlanta Braves’ $242. 5 million, state-of-the-art ballpark, feels like a trip back to the future. The Braves marketing campaign reflects the charm and nostalgia of baseball’s past but it has a futuristic slogan, “

Turner Field: Not just baseball.

A baseball theme park. ” Fans are closer to the action at Turner Field than at any other major league ballpark. Interactive games to test fans’ hitting and pitching skills, as well as knowledge of baseball trivia; electronic kiosks with touch screens and data banks filled with scouting reports on 300 past and present Braves, along with the organization’s Internet home page; a dozen 27inch television monitors mounted above the Braves’ Clubhouse Store, broadcasting all the other major league games in progress, and a video tickertape screen underneath, spitting out up-to-the-minute scores and statistics.

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The idea behind the marketing of Turner Field is that for many fans, it is not enough to just provide nine innings of baseball. Turner Field’s theme park concept is not to have fans spending too much time milling on the club level concourse but to have them spend more time spending money. This broadens fans’ experience at the ballpark and broadens the Braves fan base.

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  1. What are the key elements of the Turner Field marketing effort? The marketing strategy is to extend the product beyond the game.
  2.  What aspects of the Atlanta Braves marketing mix might have been influenced by or developed based on business research?
  3. What role should business research play in a sporting organization such as the Atlanta braves?

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