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Business Research

1). Explain the difference between a research question and a hypothesis. Using your current or previous place of employment as a starting point, provide one or more research question and then develop two appropriate hypotheses. A resarch question is is a complicated question that does not have a clear cut anser too. The question is most likely variable different answers.A hypothesis is an aswer that might explane the research with lots of evidence.

2). You are the supervisor of a call center. Lately, there have been many misdirected or dropped calls. Develop one or two research questions and three hypotheses that might account for misdirected or dropped calls. Two research questions would be; when are the calls being dropped and what shift are the calls being dropped the most mi An appropriate hypothesis for the following would consist of; the calls are being dropped due to inefficent training. Another hypothesis would be that the system is having the problem. Lastly a hypothesis for both of them could be the customers may have dropped the calls due to cell phone usage.

3). What are dependent variable and independent variable? Select a library article that uses the quantitative research method and identify the dependent variables and independent variable researched in the article. Dependent vriables rely on other informations and factors and independent stands alone. Many different type contributing factors often leads to the summary of certain authoritative senses. Whereas being that quantitative research would require large amounts of information and edivence the following the factors from the dependent variable the independent would create the ideal theme..

4). Provide examples of primary, secondary, and tertiary information sources at your current place of employment. How has each one been used? Provide examples of primary, secondary, and tertiary information sources at your current place of employment. How has each one been used? All three sources are used in your everyday tasks but to clarify the fmain one in my workplace would classify as the initial workplace email. Since my job is connected all over the world when the job changes this the first place it goes is email and then mail. In any given situation, a change can be added at anytime seem promptly next would be secondary which will be mailing the offical letter that was sent in the mail. so that these matters no matter what they are can be discussed. Lastly the matter is handle in meeting which means the matter is very serious.

5). Identify a management dilemma you face at work or at an organization with which you were previously employed. Using the Management-Research Question Hierarchy in Ch. 5 of the text, develop the management questions, research questions, investigative questions, and measurement questions. A management situaion whould be times if flight changes or theier need to bring parts to the company.

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