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Business Plan Research

Categories Business, Corporation, Management, Research

Essay, Pages 3 (532 words)



Essay, Pages 3 (532 words)

My friend Lisa is planning to start exporting goods. Lisa’s business plan contains selling animal feed that are compressed into alfalfa pellets that are high in quality. She recently came to me for advice on how to properly proceed withdoing business providing herproducts internationally to Japan. After conductingabrief research, I discovered a few problems she will run into.

First, is the amount of opportunities there are to expand a business into Japan. Japan is highly rankedin importing goodsas far as Global exports are concerned which can be considered good and bad for business.

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By beingso highly ranked that mean the business has an opportunity to excel! Anyone wishing to import goods must obtain an import permit issued from the Director General of customs after an examination of the goods are done.Some high value items may require a Japanese import license. It is best to consult your international shipper for up to date details on shipping requirements.

Next, according to Coexistence for Alfalfa Hay Export Markets, Japan hasone of the highest imports of alfalfa based on the studies.ForLisa’s product to be successful, she would need to look at the price of her pellets and ensure that she is pricing them at a reasonable price. If she does not, then her alfalfa pelletswill be over looked due to alfalfa being so common. Most people will not consider buying something new, if the original product they have been purchasing is doing the same job as the new product.

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Lisa should ensure that her product has supplements that will provide better health for animals or another factor that would put her pellets at a higher demand than the ones that are already on the market.

In conclusion, labeling and packaging arevery important. Based on my recent studies from export.com, they say that a simple mistake on packaging or labeling can result in alfalfa being returned or held in customs. If this happens with Lisa’s merchandise, shewill lose money because of having to redo labels, shippingandher companymay lose possible business vendors. By Lisa having this set back another company can implement their idea in place of hers due the slightest issue with the packaging. When shipping, her commercial invoice should be descriptive on every item in the shipment. Japanese Measurement Law requires that all weights on packing must be listed in Metric System values.

Based on my research, I advised Lisa to assure her work is impeccable. In order to get her best results, she needs to allow people that she can trust to help her get the goal accomplished. Once the previous steps are done, she should find an exporting company that has good experience in the business. By using an experience company, they will assure that allthe products meet the requirements in order to sale successfully in Japan.In summary, Lisa importingalfalfa pellets into Japan is a great opportunity to expand business. If things are done correctly, she should have a successful international business. She must first gather her team and inform them of her ideas to get opinions and concerns, after that she should find business partners she can trust and consider moving herbusiness to international if that is still something she would like to pursu

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