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List of contents 1. 1 Summary Beautiful Bellies is an online business selling maternity products. Beautiful Bellies sell products that they buy from suppliers around the world and design also maternity clothes and bags. The primary market is the 3. 5 million women who are pregnant each year in the world. The competition is massive in the whole world but In the beginning our main focus Is on Icelandic and Danish market In the beginning and going internationally in the future.

The owners have experience in designing and patterning as well as financial skills to purchase products and accounting to overview the cash flow in the business, Our main goal and forecast Is to have the income 1.

322. DISK in the first year and by the 5th year the sales forecast would have increased by 300 % from the 1st year. The first year we would like to make a profit upon 81. DISK. 1. 2 The business and its objectives The name of the company is Beautiful Belly. The companies’ offices and warehouse will be located in Denmark.

Legal structure. The company has two owners and is therefore a shared company. Maybe in the future there will be more owners or shareholders. Our aims and objectives. We will always order from our suppliers weekly and try not to have much in stock. First year: Sales will be first through Ebay or Amazon online store while we are building up our brand name and advertising our website. We would like to begin to build up savings for our own design that we would like to do in future years.

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Our goal is to make profit from the sixth month.

Work on getting more people on our website and move entirely from Ebay to our website wwwbeautifulbelly. Com. Third year: Website well known In Europe In the third year. Expanded product range by a great number. By now we are designing 30% of our sold products on our website and Increased our sale by 150%. Our sold products and increased our sale by 300% from first year. 1. 3 Business opportunities The products we provide are everything that pregnant women will need during and after pregnancy. A wide range of maternity clothes from creams and oils to milk pumps.

DISK 00-150 reregistering clothing 310 :reams 1260 54 225 1620 200 – 1000 81 pregnancy necklace 108 702 819 Fiscal clothes: Gives you a great support for your belly. Pregnancy necklace: Is a very nice maternity necklace. The sound of the necklaces had a calming effect on he child both in outer and after birth It would make a great gift for a new mother-to- be or as a baby shower gift. It is reasonably priced and makes a very nice alternative to typical “mother’s” Jewelry.

Breastfeeding clothing : Beautiful bellies designs fashionable nursing wear and breastfeeding clothing for nursing mothers. All of our nursing wear features hidden openings for discreet breastfeeding. Our nursing wear clothing enables you to breastfeed conveniently and discreetly wherever you and your baby go. Our stylish nursing wear will make you feel pretty and comfortable. Beautiful Bellies maternity swimwear fits your belly beautifully and make it look very nice. Oils : Stretch mark oil is long-lasting, extremely hydrating and rich in anti-oxidants and collagen-building components.

We know how sensitive your senses and skin can be while expecting, so it is lightly scented with calming lavender. Gentle enough for mothers and babies, this product is useful for hydrating and adding elasticity to your stretching belly. Use daily for softer, more supple and more beautiful skin. Creams : We are dedicated to providing products that contain safe ingredients during regency and sensitive enough to address changing skin conditions yet effective enough to promote a beautiful healthy glow.

Everyone wants flawless, radiant-looking skin during pregnancy Load shawl : The baby likes to stay in a more vertical position to better look at what is happening around it (this usually happens at an age of about 4/5 months), the shawl allows it to sit with crossed legs, so that the load is distributed both on hips and legs. On the contrary, in the slings the baby’s legs dangle burdening it’s still delicate back. Turnover sheet : Do you find it difficult to turn in bed and have trouble falling asleep again?

Then it’s time to get turnover sheet. The sheet is 75 CM in length and width, you put it on the bed and lets the center turn towards the head of bed and legs. When you then have to turn around at night it will be a small affair with turnover sheet and help you sleep better at night. Turnover sheet comes in good use during pregnancy. Towels: Oversized bath towels that you can easily wrap around your belly after taking bath or shower.

Support belt: Using a maternity support belt can provide additional benefits: A reduction in lower back pain, reduces pressure on the bladder, decreases varsities and swelling, improves circulation in the pelvic region, prevents of pre-term contractions, greater comfort during exercises. Breast pads: A breast pad is a small, round cotton pad that is used after you give birth to absorb leaking breast milk. Leaking through your bra and shirt can be embarrassing, and breast pads help prevent that. Sometimes, after you breast feed, some milk will continue to leak out.

Also, if you are out and hear another baby cry it can trigger your milk to let down, and cause leakage. Breast pads are convenient and simple to use. This leaking can be due to breast milk or colostrums. Electric milk pump: Electric breast pumps express your milk fast. Ease and efficiency are the two main reasons why mums choose an electric breast pump. Electric breast pumps are designed to meet the needs of breastfeeding mothers that need to pump daily. Working mothers prefer to use electric pumps because they can easily express more milk in a short amount of time.

A mother who needs to increase her milk supply may also benefit from using an electric breast pump. If you choose a model that offers pump. Milk pump: If you will only be pumping occasionally then a manual breast pump should be able to meet your needs. Since manual pumps are so small and lightweight you can conveniently pack one in a diaper bag and carry it wherever you go. A manual pump also gives the mother complete control over the suction and speed of the pump; however, many mothers grow tiresome during manual expression and are unable to collect enough milk for a feeding.

Maternity clothes: Beautiful Bellies will design fashionable and comfortable maternity clothes. Our maternity clothes are designed to make you more comfortable in pregnancy. They fit differently than your regular clothes so that you can still move comfortably and enjoy good coverage of your body. Many women dread the thought of wearing maternity clothes because often they are not so stylish. Books: From essential guides to laugh-inducing books of pregnancy, books offer both guidance and friendship in the confusing, unexpected months of pregnant life.

They are often not only helpful to the expecting mom but also her family and relatives. Diaper bags: Beautiful Bellies will design stylish diaper bags. Diaper bags are bags that women with a newborn child have to carry everywhere they go and also have to be able to carry all of the necessary equipment that is needed. Our bags will look like a normal gag but with many compartments in all sizes to make it easier to find that is wanted. Nursing pillow: Using a nursing pillow can help with positioning and latch of your baby.

This can help prevent problems with nursing and make it a more comfortable experience for you and baby. 1. 4 The market and customers The primary market is the 3. 5 million women who are pregnant each year in the world. Majority of these women buy themselves maternity products while they are pregnant. The secondary target group is the 25. 000. 000 people who purchase maternity products each year as gifts for someone they know is pregnant. The competition is massive in the whole world but in the beginning our main focus is on Icelandic and Danish market in the beginning and going internationally in the future.

In those two countries the demand is high for maternity products and the competition is less than in most countries. We offer a unique products that are high quality and fashionable clothes. Our primary weakness is that we are a new company and we need to promote our business to generate sale. Our goal is to make it easy for potential customers to locate our online store. 1. 5 Marketing Our marketing strategy: Our marketing priorities is to create product for expecting women and their families by placing ads on the internet, using direct mail tactics and placing brochures in information website, news website.

Brochures (in front of midwifes waiting rooms and health clinics). E- mail (pop up window on our website with a offer to register on our mailing list in return for discount for the first order). The 4 Up’s Affordable price compared to competition. Maternity products, all kind of products from oils to clothes. Make catalogs with our products and place it in waiting rooms at the doctors and midwives offices to remote our products. Our place on the market is online.

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