Business Plan for Fit for Life

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1. Product/Service Description

Fit for Life, an online fitness website. A website where anyone can have access to guided workout videos that I have created that can suite them. There will be everything from easy to hard to yoga and strength. The customers can decide when and where they want to work out. There will be a discussion board where they ask questions, use others as motivation or simply let us know what they think of the workout. There will also be workout apparel with the Fit for Life logo.

With this service people will be able to stay fit without having to deal with gym anxiety. They can workout year round, and add workout videos to a calendar that allows them to keep track of what they have completed. Customers may also favorite videos. Downloads will be available for customers who have purchased that service.

2. Prices of products/services

Prices to access videos will vary. Customers will have to sign up and start a free 10-day trail.

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After the trial the customers will have the option to leave, buy access to all videos year round for $20, or buy a Fit for Life- All in package where they have access to all videos, have access to healthy recipes, and access to download the videos so they can workout anywhere even without internet connection for $40 a year. Apparel will also be available. T-shirts, shorts, and leggings will vary from $10-15. Anyone who purchases the Fit for Life-All In package gets a Free T-shirt.

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3. Competition

Biggest competition will be Gyms. The best way for the to compete against well known gyms would be to emphasis how easy working out with Fit for Life will be. Customers will be guided through workout videos. They won’t have to deal with gym anxiety, which can very common with people who are just starting their fitness journey. I will get involved with my community and host events where people can learn more about my business of Fit for Life.

4. Target Market

Everyone these days wants to look and feel good. This website can be their motivation. Anyone who feels like they are too intimidated by gyms. Anyone who is on a tight budget or tight on time. This website will be for everyone and anyone looking to get fit.

5. Promotion & Advertising

Advertising for my website will be fairly easy since we live in a world where anything can be found on the internet. I will have an Instagram account for Fit for Life, where people can see previews of my workout videos, see what video is upcoming and where people can share their fitness journey. I will have seminars where I can speak to people about the benefits of being fit and handing out business cards. I will also share my website throughout big social media platforms.

6. Start Up Costs

Start up costs include workout equipment, recording camera, apparel and business cards. Workout equipment includes, interchangeable weight dumbbells, yoga matt, and stability ball for an estimated $250. Recording camera with hd quality is an estimated $2,500. Just to start up the apparel for myself and for the customers an estimated $200-400. Business cards about $20-30. And typically $800-1,000 to hold a few seminars. Start up costs are estimated to $4,150-5,000.

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