Business Organizations Being Socially Responsible.

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Social responsibility can have a powerful influence over everyone’s behavior. If we witness a criminal act or if we voluntary for a local charity, it’s our social responsibility to help. Some individuals, groups and companies take social responsibility an a level of importance. For example, we know there are many companies hiring individuals called ‘attention engineers’ who make different products as addictive as possible no matter if it is harmful to mankind or the environment. South Korea has classified the internet as addictive as alcohol, cigarettes and gambling.

Almost 90% of young children use some sort of electronics to play games on. Some children use the device more than four hours a day.

Parents are giving it to their children to keep them entertained and quiet. Once their children purchase something off the internet under the parents account or act out the game in real life it is the parents social responsibility to fix the problem but instead some blame the companies for producing harmful games or making it to easy for the children to purchase something.

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In my opinion, the parents and the companies are socially responsible.There is no day that go by that we as individuals do not use some sort of social responsibility. If we terminate unethical behavior that effects the community then maybe we could see better results around the world.

Yes I think a businesses should be socially responsible. Businesses that find ways to provide loyalty to their customers are willing to spend the necessary time and effort to communicate with the customer.

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Just a few ways they can do so is by sharing their business values, providing excellent service, displaying high integrity and honesty, exceeding their expectations. Take Chick Fil A for an example, and their high level of customer service. Any and every location one may visit, it is always a pleasurable one – due to the extensive customer service training. And of course do not forget about existing customers who are the ones likely to share there experiences about the product/service.

Another great company is T Mobile. Speaking from experience, the service is incredible. Now service is not the only thing that keeps the customers coming back. T Mobile has a program for its subscribers called T Mobile Tuesdays, where subscribers get discounts (or it may be free) tickets on everyday items like gas, food, coffee, or concert tickets. By doing these things, businesses can build on past successes and work on any weak points. Value-based management as a “do-gooder” ploy. Value-based management does not have to be viewed as a ‘do gooder’ ploy. This type of management creates a company culture where employees take ownership of their responsibilities. Each employee becomes empowered with decision making.

This creating the outcome and growth for the company they work for. This culture of ownership not only proves well for the employees, but also the customers involved. The need to balance to interest of a variety of stakeholder groups. To analyze the need to balance the interests of a variety of stakeholder groups, management needs to first identity the stakeholder group. A group that is concerned with the economy could be asked: Are they for an initiative to build a community clinic – which would provide many jobs (like construction, medical professionals, and economic advantages for the community)? A group that may be interested in family issues could be asked.

What does parental rights and / or interfering with them, means to them? Another group that may be concerned with legislation and laws could be asked: ‘How important is the public’s perception that they are wasting public money by funding a particular effort?’ A group with ideological concerns could be asked: How important is government funded programs to help the less fortunate and provide services for the well being of the community? How do Managers misuse discipline?

There are many ways managers misuse discipline. One example of this is when managers use intimidation tactics. These tactics, also known as bullying, are used to scare employees into doing their job. The bullying manager may use sarcasm, yelling, and even physical violence (including damaging property or hurting people). This leads to low morale in the workplace, and the probability of employees finding employment else-where. Another misuse of discipline are managers that manipulate others in the workplace. These managers may promise raises or advancement that he/she will never fulfill. Aslo, these managers may mishandled information to motivate others, in order to gain compliance amongst the staff.

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