Business Messages Essay

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Business Messages

In a traditional workplace, memos are the usual form of business messages that are sent from officers to employees. With the advent of technology, the issuance of memorandums is often limited to topics of general interest, like organizational meetings or policy changes.

If I were a lead engineer in Cards4U, I’d maximize the use of faster and more efficient tools to aid me in communicating with other members of the team, as well as company executives and potential customers.  That means e-mails will be the primary source of communication among the team members, since sending and receiving messages take only a few seconds to a few minutes.  E-mail communications are convenient, does not need to be too formal, and can be accessed anytime, anywhere.  The memos will be utilized to inform the CEO or customers regarding product presentations and updates.

Since I’m a lead engineer in a creative design group, presentations using PowerPoint or Flash would be very useful in showcasing latest designs and innovations.  Reports are also necessary to document the progress, activities, and changes in the production department.  Face to face meetings with customers are important to establish rapport and get them to buy your designs, or get their feedback.

If face-to-face meeting is not possible, conference calls can also be used.  Meeting the CEO for updates and developments would also require face-to-face encounters.  However, if the chief executive initiated conversation using e-mails, then, I should take his lead and reply using the same medium.  But if the message were sent through the more formal memorandum, then the reply would also be of that kind.

More importantly, in any type of business communication that I would send, the messages should be concise, direct to the point, and professional.


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