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Business Management and Administration


There are many construction companies all over the world. All International construction firms are large multi-billion yards firms that operate in several countries world-wide delivering construction solutions and growth. The majority of international construction companies will have originated with limited operation, normally including one country. A number of the larger construction firms such as superstructure, High-rise building, tower, bridge, jetty, factory projects are undertaking construction work internationally however, majority of work is carried out by the local or national small and medium sized enterprises.

Those who experience initial success will be more acceptable to amplify their businesses, eventually leading to growth by investing in other countries.


Positive Pioneer Company Limited has excellent capabilities and provides a wide range of foundation bored pile installation services both directly to clients and indirectly through supporting superstructure, high- rise buildings, retaining wall, bridge, jetty, and tower and factory projects. As a foundation bored pile specialist company to provide a complete range of foundation engineering including Project Management and Development.

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They are committed to provide total customer satisfactory by maintaining our reliable, prompt, excellent quality service at competitive rates and to continually improve our business process to better serve our valuable customer.

Their key staff has extensive experience and in-depth working knowledge of the bored pile drilling services. Technical controlling team set up with retired chief engineer and Geotechnical Engineer who were involved in road & bridge projects of Ministry of Construction and Singapore land mark project like Marina Bay Financial Center (MBFC), Hotel Phoenix and Orchard Emerald Project.

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Together with our experience, able to provide a reliable, prompt and excellent quality service to esteem customer.


The basic concept of fair price based on company’s mission statement ‘our service will

meet your satisfaction & need’, offering the best quality, full satisfaction, with Positive Pioneer company’s service from the client. Moreover, Positive Pioneer company put the long-term partnership with clients in the consideration as well.


Positive Pioneer Company Limited provides the following five services to customers

  1. Installation of Test Pile
  2. Pile Load Test with Licensed Tester Specialist
  3. Foundation Bored Pile Drilling
  4. Contiguous Bored Pile (CBP) Wall Pile
  5. Secant Bored Pile (SBP) Wall Pile
  6. Steel Cage Fabrication work
  7. Pile Hacking & Pile Cap Construction works


Positive Pioneer has already established successful strategic partnership with the following companies:

  1. SCG (Elephant Brand Cement) – Thailand Developer
  2. Soil Build Construction Group Ltd – Singapore Developer
  3. INNO International Development Co.,Ltd – Korea Developer
  4. Marga Landmark Development Co.,Ltd – Hong Kong Developer
  5. A1 Group Of Companies
  6. Diamond Lotus Co.,Ltd
  7. Sun Myat Tun Construction Company
  8. I Green Development & Engineering Group


Five Forces analysis is a technique for identify and listing those aspects of the Five Forces most relevant to the profitability of an organization at that time. Porter believes that the collective strength of the five forces determines industry profitability, through their effect on price, costs and investment requirements. (Boddy, 2014)

Michael Porter has identified five forces that are widely used to assets the structure of any industry. Porter’s five forces are:

  • Rivalry among existing firms
  • Threat of new entrants
  • Threat of substitutes
  • Bargaining power of buyers(customers)
  • Bargaining power of Suppliers (Boddy, 2014)


There are many firms in bored pile services. Competitors are very abundant. There is slow market growth, so companies fight for market share. Service fixed costs are high and exist costs are high. (Boddy, 2014)


There are many suppliers in Bored Piling work, mainly need 3 suppliers. Which are

  1. Bentonite (Drilling Mud Fluid) Supplier
  2. Concrete Batching Plant
  3. Rebar Supplier

All the suppliers can be available affluently in local market. So, suppliers power is low.


Buyer power is high when a Client (or) Customer making a tender choice, determine according to the following status,

  1. Quotation price
  2. Method of statement
  3. Experience of piling contractor

Quotation Price

At the moment of tender stage, customer will compare the quotations which summited all bored pile contractors. Customer have authority to accept or reject. So quotation price should be negotiable in revised quotation stage.

Method of statement

The operation team of bored piling should be negotiate and follow the method of statement which is direct by customer.

Experience of piling contractor

Most of oversea sea clients or local clients analysis the experiences which are how many bored drilled, how many diameter drilled and how many depth drilled by checking the history of bored piling contractor company.

Customers can choice many contractors. So, bargaining power of buyers (customers) is high.


The services of Positive Pioneer are foundation bored pile and CBP/SBP wall pile. Bored pile foundation service can substitute spun pile and CBP/SBP wall pile can be substitute soldier pile. The cost of spun pile can be less than bored pile and the cost of solider pile can be less than CBP/SBP wall pile.


There are many registered pile licensed contractors in Myanmar. All about these are over 50 companies. Pile foundation works are separate into many kinds of foundation works. Such as driving pile, press pile, bored pile, sheet pile, solider pile, spun pile, CBP/SBP wall pile and diaphragm wall etc. Building design, how many numbers of floor level include and including of basement levels which situation are determine what kind of pile foundation should be use. Most of the piling contractors in Myanmar cannot do all kind of foundation piling work, because of less machinery power and low technical power. They can do their own specialist piling job such as press pile specialist, bored pile specialist, sheet pile specialist, driving pile specialist, Diaphragm Wall specialist and so on. Now, oversea piling contractor start entry into Myanmar piling market. They can do many kind of foundation piling works. They have strong machinery power and high technique. So, the challenges were facing by Positive Pioneer company .


The following is the summarized table listing the treat of Positive Pioneer Company from the Porter’s five forces:

  • Rivalry among existing firms High
  • Bargaining power of Suppliers Low
  • Bargaining power of Buyers (Customers) High
  • Threat of Substitutes High
  • Threat of New entrants High


  1. Boddy. (2014). Organisation Cultures and Contexts. In Boddy, Management an Introduction (p. 88). United Kindom: Pearson Education Limited.

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