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Business Law Essay

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Peter approached you for advice on his purchase of a camera. He recently took up photography as a hobby and started to look for cameras. Based on his friends’ suggestion, he went to the IT show last weekend and bought a camera after bargaining with the sales personnel. Peter selected the camera model XYZ from a list of brochures which were distributed at the entrance of the IT show. The price indicated on the brochure was $1,500.00 with goodies bag worth $350.00 with the words in bold “WHILE STOCKS LAST”.

When Peter approached the sales person, he was informed that the first batch of cameras at the price of $1,500.00 was sold out in the morning. The sales person suggested that Peter purchase the camera from the next batch but at a higher price of $1,600.00. Peter asked for the best price for the camera and the sales person replied, “Best price is $1,550.00 and don’t refer to the brochure any more.

This is a different batch.

” Peter responded that he would buy the camera immediately if the price could be reduced to $1,500 which was indicated in the brochure. Peter also mentioned to the sales person that he was picking up photography as a hobby and the camera with its wide range of manual settings was ideal for his photography workshop. As the crowd starting to gather at the stall, the sales person left Peter to attend to other customers. Feeling that the whole episode was a set-up, Peter went to other stalls to check the price of the camera model XYZ. He was surprised to find out that there was indeed a shortage of supply. Peter quickly rushed back to the first stall and approached the sales person. The sales person remembered Peter and told him that he only had one camera model XYZ left and it was on a ‘reserve list’ for another customer.

Peter felt desperate and as he did not want to go back empty-handed, he offered to pay $1,600.00 for the camera. The sales person said that the price has gone up to $1,700.00 and there are others who are keen to pay this price. Peter felt that it was important to get the camera without further hesitation and he finally bought the camera at $1,700.00. Peter encountered the following issues when he started using the camera: a) The manual settings function was limited when he compared to the function indicated in the brochure. b) Peter’s friend is using the same camera model XYZ and when Peter compared the two cameras, Peter’s camera was indeed of lower quality than that of his friend’s camera. The brochure states that the camera “is of good quality as guaranteed by the manufacturer”. Peter does not have any documents from the sales person listing down the functions. Advise Peter on his purchase of the camera, his issues with the camera and his recourse against the stall.

(60 marks) Performance Guide for students: Marks will be awarded for: (i) Content : a. Clear usage, statement and explanation of relevant legal principles b. Original, clear, logical and convincing discussion on application of the laws to the facts c. Statement of Conclusion d. Appropriate referencing (in text and list of references) (ii) Number and quality of references: At least 5 (iii) Organization of answer and writing style (including spelling, grammar, syntax etc). Please make sure you use “Grammar and Spell check” functions to check your submissions.

INSTRUCTIONS for Continuous Assessment 1 : Individual Assignment • • • • • Deadlines and Guidelines are provided on the course Blackboard site This is an Individual Assignment marked upon 60 marks. Weightage for this assignment: 30% of total marks for this module Assignment should be type written using 12 pt ARIAL font and 1.5 line spacing. Word limit is 1200 words (excluding words in references) and must be printed at the end of assignment. ‐ ‐

CA Submission • • • CAs must be submitted online via student portal. Deadlines, instructions and detailed guidelines are provided on the course Blackboard page. Please read instructions and guidelines provided on student portal, Blackboard and in this document carefully. Ignorance of specific directions mentioned in these documents will not be considered as a valid reason which will lead to marks deductions and may lead to failure in the CA component of this course.

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