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Government Regulations
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In business world, we always see many complains being raised about governments regulations and their nature towards many restrictions for businesses. Often, this stands as an obstacle to many corporate and small business profits as well as misuse of their valuable time and effort. Government prerequisites have been criticized, avoided by many businesses since the mid- twentieth century when the corporate income tax and anti-trust laws were first announced. From then with many regulations being proposed, we have seen American…...
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Insurance cover
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Which of these are apply to me, and how will I comply with them- I must comply with all of the laws that I researched into. The consumer protection act guarding against the selling of faulty goods would be wholesalers responsibility. This is because I would be buying form them. To protect the employee I will make sure that my shop has a good working environment as I would be working there. What dose insurance do? Insurance helps to reduce…...
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National Management
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Embezzlements tend to occur in many organizations due to many reasons that are beyond the control of the organization. Many organizations use forward-looking statements to estimate the present anticipations and projections of their organization. Since the forward-looking statements are subjected to risks and uncertainties, organization can experience embezzlement making the actual figures to differ with the expressed figures that are in the statements (USSEC, 2008, p. 1). In 10th of March 2006, a protest was filed by North McDonough Properties,…...
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Bankruptcy & businesses
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Bankruptcy has been defined as , “[referring] to statutes and judicial proceedings involving persons or businesses that cannot pay their debts and seek the assistance of the court…” (from www. id. uscourts. gov/terms-ab. htm) and as, “a legal proceeding which allows a debtor to discharge certain debts or obligations without paying the full amount or allows the debtor time to reorganize his financial affairs so he can fully repay his debts. ” (from www. tdsf. com/foregloss. htm). In the case…...
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The sale contract
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Generally, in cases involving non – conformity with the obligations of the sale contract or any breach of the obligations; the seller is liability even after the risk has been passed to the buyer. If the seller provides that the goods will remain fit for normal usage or specific usage, then he bears the liability. Similarly, if he guarantees that the goods will retain their specified qualities or characteristics, then also he will be held liable. Under the provisions of…...
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The Doctine of Ultra Vires in Irish Company Law
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Pages • 8
Irish Company law as it currently stands is comprised of 35 pieces of legislation, in addition to a wealth of case law based on common law and equitable principles. This current system of company law is unmanageable and of little practical use to the average Irish company. Although the sheer volume of law poses a major problem in itself, its somewhat haphazard layout causes most difficulty to business owners and managers. When a change or update is made to the…...
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Spot deferred contracts
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Introduction This is like a forward contract with rollover option (find detailed description in chapter. By following this strategy ABX was able to profit from increases in the price of gold and at the same time set a minimum price of gold to protect them if the gold price would fall. Figure 8 depicts roughly the contango for varying rollover dates. Principal characteristics of spot deferred contracts Spot deferred contract Spot deferred contract (SDC) is a forward contract with multiple…...
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Risk Management
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A stock when it is first issued provides funds for a company. Is the same true of an exchange-traded stock option? Discuss. An exchange-traded stock option provides no funds for the company. It is a security sold by one investor to another. The company is not involved. By contrast, a stock when It Is first Issued Is sold by the company to investors and does provide funds for the company. Problem 1. 10. Explain why a futures contract can be…...
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The 1998 UNIDROIT Convention
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Pages • 6
Introduction Receivables financing is a means by which a debt is placed on the market and sole to improve liquidity. Essentially this mechanism is an assignment of debt and is a significant part of capitalists’ management systems. In fact in a vast majority of developed nations a substantial amount of company assets are primarily comprised of receivables. Receivables financing function to permit the release of funds without having to wait for the maturity of the debts with the result that…...
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Product Liability
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Introduction In an ever more litigious society, it is not unusual for cases involving product liability to considerably increase throughout the past two decades. In today’s world, product liability is an exceptionally bona fide business risk. Companies, even those with excellent product safety procedures and policies, cannot afford to seriously disregard the possibility of product liability. Product liability is all-encompassing, putting numerous diverse types of businesses at risk. Product liability holds distributors, manufacturers, retailers, suppliers, and others who make products…...
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Powers Shareholders
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A corporation is a legal entity created and recognized by state law. It can consist of one or two persons identified under a common name. CORPORATE PERSONNEL When an individual purchases a share of stock in a corporation, that person becomes a shareholder and owner of the corporation. Shareholder and corporations are liable. THE LIMITED LIABILITY OF SHAREHOLDER One of the key advantages of the corporate forms is the limited liability of its owners. Corporate shareholders normally are not personally…...
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Options trading
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The concept, theory and practice regarding Options trading in the USA started in the early 19th Century. In the initial stages the contracts were referred to as privileges and were not traded on an exchange or stock markets (Jabbers, 1998). The main reason was due too lack of secondary market and therefore it was a daunting task for the sellers and buyers to locate each other and trade options. This sector of business has gradually grown and developed with grate…...
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Nature of the marine insurance contract
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One of the more important concerns to exporters and importers involved in an export transaction is that risks of damage or loss during trade transactions from seller to buyer. But the risks can be fully protected through special transportation insurance provided: marine insurance for example. Thus, when such loss or damage suffered during the transactions by sea, the trader can sue the carrier or the cargo-owner by insuring the goods from the insurer without going to the court. The trader…...
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Maritime Law
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Pages • 4
A discussion of contracts of marine insurance of sea freight cargo.Maritime Law The value of many shipments depends upon fluctuations in the currency rates, freight, handling charges, and other expenses. By means of insurance protection will be provided to goods from any uncontrollable variables. A contract of Marine Insurance is defined by section 7 of the Marine Insurance Act of 1909 as: "A contract whereby the insurer undertakes to indemnify the assured, in manner and to the extent thereby agreed,…...
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Management contract
Words • 504
Pages • 3
Executive summary The main purpose of this analysis is exploring on the possibility of PepsiCo using joint venture as a mode of entry into Ireland market. There are other method of market entry into global market which includes exporting, licensing, use of agent/distributors, franchising, contract manufacturing, management contract and direct foreign investment. The choice of market entry depends on the organizations corporate strategy and the extent, depth and geographical coverage of its present and intended foreign operation. PepsiCo should first…...
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Know the Bank of Scotland ppi claim
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There are many financial institutions dedicated to provide PPI refunds these days, but from Bank of Scotland is rather an easy affair. You get advice and claims anytime from anywhere. Bank of Scotland is a commercial bank based at Edinburgh in Scotland. It is the second oldest surviving bank in what is known the UK (United Kingdom). It was also the first bank to have printed its own banknotes. The bank provides claim management services and helps customers get PPI…...
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International Transactions
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A contract is an agreement between parties that the law will enforce.  Under common law, a contract is said to exist when there is an offer, subsequent acceptance of that offer and enough consideration.  An offer lets the person or firm to whom it is made to prudently expect that the offering party is willing to be bound by the offer under the proposed terms.  The terms of the offer must be clear and certain. Acceptance on the other hand…...
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Incoterms Definition: The purpose of incoterms is to provide a set of international rules for the interpretation of the most commonly used trade terms in foreign trade (UNECE 20002 p3). They outline the obligations of the main parties to the contract of sale, the seller and buyer. These terms, currently thirteen, are devised and published by the International Chamber of Commerce and the first version was done in 1936 (ICC 2000). They are as follows:- EXW (Ex-Works...named place): Carriage arranged…...
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Honeywell Company
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Honeywell is a Multibillion dollar company, operating in 95 countries and is a pioneer in the field of control system and industrial appliances. With revenue over $7. 3 Billion and income above $400 Million (December 1996), the company was exposed to several types of risk as it operated in a global territory. Previously, the company had a much compartmentalised approach to risk management, with individual departments managing individual risks pertaining to them. For instance, currency risks were hedged using futures…...
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HFC PPI – a simple financial solution
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Pages • 2
HFC is a financial institution providing across the country. Its PPI policy is rather an easy affair you can claim. You get advice and claims anytime you like from anywhere. HFC PPI is an authorized commercial organization based at Camden House West, The Parade, Birmingham, England, UK. It is empowered by the FSA in 2001 to give advice on non-investment insurance contracts. Its branch business is to provide unsecured and secured loans. The secondary focus is on general insurance through…...
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General Principles Law and Commercial Law
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Pages • 4
Sam and Tom rented a three bed roomed house under a lease agreement. This means there was a contract between tenants and the owner of the house. The lease agreement contains the terms of agreement between the tenants and it stipulates what the landlord is to do and what the tenants are to do. Under the contract of Tenancy tenants are supposed to enjoy quite enjoyment of the property they have rented and it is the work of the land…...
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Foundations of business law
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Pages • 6
In this situation there was a duty of care for the defendant, who is the bank, to provide to the plaintiff, who is the old man, as the defendant was In a position to see that water had come Into the building and the floor was wet. This wet floor would have greatly increased the chance of someone slipping over and causing injury. They would have known that failure to properly warn customers who both enter and leave the building…...
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Exclusion Clauses Essays
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Pages • 8
Exclusion Clauses Essays Business Law Word Count: 1950 Exclusion Clauses Essay Exemption clauses are an agreement in a contract which helps the party to have limited or to exclude liability. It can be used unfairly which makes it a disadvantage to other partys which is why there are laws in place to limit the use of clauses and to make it fair. Mr. Torres has been using Greased Lightening for five years this time he placed a different order and…...
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Elements of Contract
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Pages • 3
All agreements are not contracts. A contract is a legally binding agreement between two or more parties. An agreement that is not enforceable by law is not considered a contract. There are many elements that are required for a contract valid, offer and acceptance, intention to create legal relationship, capacity of the parties, consent, consideration, legality of object and possibility of performance. Offer and acceptance – in order to create a valid contract, there must be a ‘lawful order’ by…...
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Dispute Resolution Essay
Words • 91
Pages • 1
The case study refers to two business partners, Tom and Sue who deal in the purchase and renovation of homes and apartment buildings. The bone of contention between them is a piece of land that Sue was interested in buying but about which Tom was apprehensive. Tom agreed to buy the property after a delay of some days but unknown to him, Sue had purchased the property in her own name and is now refusing to transfer it in the…...
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Corporations law
Words • 1951
Pages • 8
One of the primary benefits of creating a corporate entity is to limit the liability of the shareholders. However, under certain circumstances the corporate entity may be disregarded. This is also known as piercing the corporate veil and is the most frequent method for holding the shareholders liable for the acts of a corporation. Corporate officers, directors and controlling shareholders have a general fiduciary duty of loyalty and care which should govern all their corporate conduct. Unless they breach that…...
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Judiciary vs Corporate World
Words • 1037
Pages • 5
Lifting the corporate veil often presents the judiciary with extremely hard choices as to where the loss as a whole should lie. Moreover, the courts have a hard decision when it comes to treating the company as a separate legal entity on one side of the coin, but maintaining justice and ensuring accountability on the other. In this way, and through the use of case law to strengthen this discussion, over time the judiciary have swung from strictly applying the…...
Business LawCorporate WorldGovernmentJudiciaryJustice
Company Incorporation
Words • 464
Pages • 2
Examining the advantages and disadvantages of incorporating a business.The Advantages and Disadvantages of Incorporating a Business In order to mention all the advantages and disadvantages of incorporating a business, first I should try to explain what a corporation is. In 1819, Chief Justice Marshall of the United States Supreme court said: " A corporation is an artificial being, invisible, intangible, and existing only in contemplation of the law." In the Webster's College Dictionary corporation is defined as "an association of…...
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Common law and UCC laws
Words • 416
Pages • 2
Common law and UCC laws can vary. Both of these are laws that U. S. The UCC was created to harmonize a particular or group of laws in all states of the U. S. Common laws can vary amongst each state. Common laws usually deal with real estate, service, insurance, intangible assets and employment contracts. If any changes are made to these laws, it could lead to the rejection or even counter offer of that offer. UCC Laws usually deal…...
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Commercial Contracts and Agreements According to Law
Words • 991
Pages • 4
For businesses and organizations, the key requirement is to ensure that the legal arrangements allow the full commercial benefits to be realized. In the day-to-day course of business, regardless of the size of your operation, it is fundamental to regulate and document your business relationships. To do this, your with suppliers, customers, distributors and agents must be drafted in a way which properly protects your business interests. Weak or non-existent make a business unstable. Sound legal advice is therefore essential…...
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Challenges of Franchising and Licencing in International Business
Words • 1140
Pages • 5
1. Introduction In this report, we will present the challenges of franchising and licensing in international business. We will start by defining franchising and licensing and explaining few essential issues related to them. After that, we will go into the different challenges and issues that companies will face with different solutions. 2. The Definition of Franchising and Licencing Licencing and franchising are actually different variants of the same course of action. This course of action could be generally named as…...
Business LawFranchisingInternational Business
Longe Industries vs Archco and JNRP Companies
Words • 4072
Pages • 17
Longe Industries has been in the business of manufacturing trailing axles for dump trucks. They had pioneered their way into the 'trailing axles for dump truck' segment of the market by developing and marketing a series of models that had evolved in design features. Archco manufactures dump beds for dump trucks. Archco entered into a dealership agreement with Longe Industries on April 6, 1992. They also signed a non-compete agreement that included a non-disclosure of information provision. JRNP assists other…...
Business LawCompanyContractIndustryJustice
Business Law and Corporate Ethics
Words • 1089
Pages • 5
If Letisha does not pay and Sudson sues her for breach of contract, what legal arguments could be raised in Letisha’s defense against the enforcement of the automatic renewal clause? Explain. Let us get a brief understanding of what the automatic renewal clause definition is, “An automatic renewal clause allows an agreement to continue for a defined period if the existing agreement isn't renegotiated within a specified time measured from the expiration of the current contract. The term of renewal…...
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Business law essay
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Pages • 1
1. Lorraine paid for her shipment using a certified check. The difference between a regular check and a certified check is as follows: a regular check is a guarantee from the check writer that there are enough funds in the account to cover the check. On the other hand, a certified check is a promise from the bank that there are enough funds to cover the check. Most banks take the money directly out of the customer’s account in order…...
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Business Law
Words • 2160
Pages • 9
Whilst upgrading its computer centre, the University of Canberra invited tenders from all the leading computer manufacturers. From these it selected Peerless Computers, as it employed several former UC staff and offered greater price reductions, in comparison to the major firms. A contract was entered into between them, which stipulated that the delivery was to be made a week before the commencement of the next semester. It was communicated to Peerless that these computers were indispensable for the timetable regarding…...
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Bank regulations
Words • 3216
Pages • 13
Abstract. Letters of credit have gained popularity, with emergence of globalization.  These are financial instruments, unique in nature that are commonly used in international trade.  Letters of credit are the most convenient way of undertaking transactions over long distances, since the buyers and sellers do not trust each other.  This paper aims at analyzing the bank regulations that pertain to banks issuing letters of credit, and their effects on bank risk and fees charged to customers. Introduction. Letters of credit…...
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Automobile Insurance
Words • 859
Pages • 4
Automobile Insurance             Insurance is a contract between two parties, an insurance company and an individual or business.  An insurance company promises to pay the individual or business for potential future losses.  The individual or business promises to pay the insurance company a fee in advance called a premium.             People and businesses purchase insurance policies to protect their property and finances.  There are three major categories of insurance.  Life and health insurance covers death, hospitalization, disability, and hospitalization. Errors…...
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An Agreement Not Enforceable By Law Is Said To Be Void
Words • 9351
Pages • 38
BUSINESS LAW. I SEM MBA ONE MRKS QUESTIONS: 1. What is void agreement Void means having no legal value and agreement means Arrangement, promise or contract made with somebody. So void agreement means an agreement that has no legal value. “An agreement not enforceable by law is said to be void”. [Sec 2(g)] A void agreement has no legal effect. An agreement which does not satisfy the essential elements of contract is void. Void contract confers no rights on any…...
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Acts and Law of Trade Marks
Words • 2735
Pages • 11
A trade mark can be defined as a sign, symbol, mark, indication used in relation to goods, services in the course of trade distinguishing the goods of one enterprise . Section 2 of the Trade Marks Act also defines a 'mark" and "trade mark." In Kellogg Co vs Cairns Foods Ltd the court stated that for a mark to be a trade mark, it must be used, in relation to goods or services for two purposes: to indicate a trade…...
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4 Things your Health Insurance Agent won’t tell you!
Words • 903
Pages • 4
You realize you are in a soup when after undergoing kidney stones surgery, you are told the medical expenses for this surgery aren’t payable in your health insurance policy. When you get your claim rejected stating that kidney stones are only covered after 2 years from Buying the Health Insurance Policy, you want to find that rogue health insurance agent of yours! When you were buying the policy, he kept repeating that all your hospitalization charges would be covered. And…...
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