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Business Internship Cover Letter

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Dear Sir/Madam,

Business is an art to me, and how to lead it instead of mechanically managing it is the goal that I have been passionately on its pursuit. So I am the seeker with high degree of interest in studying for Master of Business Administration at the University of Canada West the academic session July, 2019 – 2021. I believe that this program will be a great step forward on my path towards acquiring international business and leadership skills. I strongly believe that Canada is considered a leading study destination especially for MBA programs due to taking this opportunity of working with lots of International companies and gaining varied experiences by being in the heart of business.

After graduating in Industrial food engineering in 2004, I stepped into the world of business as an account manager in Carassi International agency, an advertising and market research company. Later, I joined the largest dairy company of Iran namely Kalleh Dairy Co. in which I served as Brand Manager, and I soon was promoted to Senior Brand Manager and tailored branding initiatives of the company for the next two years.

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Attaining state-of-the-art business leadership has been always at the top of my career’s agenda. In 2016, these experiences helped me join Certius Consultancy Co. in Iran as senior marketing and sales consultant in which I helped global and local companies to assess establish and thrive their business. Following that, I joined Unilever Iran Co. as Shopper Marketing Manager for one year. One of the biggest achievements was receiving the award for successful Launch of OMO (Washing Machine Detergent Powder) on Retail Level.

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Still, I had the urge to quench my thirst in marketing, and thus, I pursued my career in Khan Parsi (Distributor of Fonterra Group Dairy Co) in 2017 as the Country Brand Marketing Manager until now.

High academic standards and rigorous quality controls mean that I will be earning a high-quality education that will open doors for my future and benefit my career over the long term. A Canadian MBA degree is globally recognized as being equivalent to those obtained from the developed countries or Commonwealth countries.

My life story is written with my desire to generate marketing initiatives and solutions throughout my career in various organizations.

I am truly passionate about one thing though and that is the know-how of doing business. I enjoy management and how it works into our fast moving world. I think I would succeed in this field that I have chosen, which is MBA, because when it comes to business leadership I don’t easily give up until I come to a solution and become a key factor of making a successful company.

In the short term, one of my goals is to continue developing my management and leadership skills. I want to help my company become world-class producer. In addition, I’ve been raising my hand for more marketing assignments, since I am well aware that making success story in our country needs both together. I would love to apply these skills set to establish my company as a thought leader in FMCG industry

On the other hand, the quality and education system of my country is not well enough comparing to the educational programs in Canada which are recognized globally. In my country, the latest and updated rules and regulations of doing international business are missed. Furthermore, having a master’s degree from a foreign university is a great advantage in my country for getting higher positions in my future job or career.

In my current company, due to making joint-venture marketing activities with Fonterra, the biggest Diary Company in the world, I tried to localize the latest methods of marketing and launching strategies for introducing my company as one of the main players in our market successfully. During the years I worked in business and marketing environment, I did my best to access the latest marketing practices, theories and approaches, but there were significant constraints in my country to discover latest published methods and trends in the world. Without updating my knowledge, helping brands to become part of customers’ experience seems quite difficult. Therefore, after more than 6 months research, analysis and comparing universities of Europe and Canada in terms of education quality, reasonable tuition fee, located in major city, and the professors, I came to the result that by studying MBA in UCW I will be able to catch this result and, that a master’s degree would be a spectacular milestone in moving towards achieving my career goals besides being a huge addition to what I have learned over the past 10 years.

Entering to international companies, especially as a senior manager, needs related background and education. So, having MBA is the main criteria for finding similar positions in foreign companies in Iran. Therefore, continuing my education in Canada will help me to be prepared for this role in my home country and get promoted to Director of Brand Marketing.

I have planned regarding how I aim to use my degree in the long-term when I return to Iran to set up a new company which is specialist in marketing fields. Fortunately, I have full support of my parents, husband any my family who are living in Iran. I have married about 1 year ago and my better half is working in Samsung Electronics Co Iran Branch as a senior manager. Moreover, I have three younger sisters plus two nephews and two brothers in law that one of them is living in USA since 15 years ago and the other one is the owner of bread factory and a restaurant in Iran. Since I am the eldest child, my parents are so much emotionally dependent on me to take care of the family. So, I am devoted that after graduation I will return and will continue to take care of our family’s matters for the rest of their life. Setting up my new company and having my entire family members in Iran, under no conditions, I want to leave these opportunities and a happy life.

UCW is located in 626 W Pender St. #100, Vancouver, BC V6B 1V9, Canada and A first payment fee of CAD $ 7,900 to the university has been paid few weeks ago. So, in order to manage the financial matter of my studying, I have sufficient funds as followings.

  • Credit balance of 50,000 CAD$ on February 2019 in Ansar Bank of Iran.
  • Owner of Elantra Hyundai Car

My parents

  • Owner of 104 m2 Apartment in Tehran
  • Official sponsorship commitment for supporting financial cost of living and studying in Canada

My husband

  • Owner of 105.95 m2 Apartment in Tehran
  • 2 common share out of 6 shares of 596 m2 Land in North of Iran (Mazandaran province)
  • Owner of Kia Optima Car

My Brother in law (Arash Saifhashemi)

  • Owner of 105.95 m2 Apartment in San Francisco, USA
  • Credit balance of 43,000 USA $ on February 2019

My Husband’s parents

  • 3 common share out of 6 shares of 160 m2 Apartment in Tehran.
  • 2 common share out of 6 shares of 596 m2 Land in North of Iran (Mazandaran province)
  • Official sponsorship commitment for supporting financial cost of living and studying in Canada

Thank you for considering me for this scholarship. If I receive this award, I can focus solely on my studies. I will work hard to implement my goals of studying MBA and ability to run my own company in University of Canada West, and your trust in me will not be wasted.

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