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Colombia and Germany are two wholly different states and likewise, two wholly different civilizations. When nearing foreign civilizations, no affair how different they are, knowledge creative activity and generalisation, even with the hazard to pigeonhole sometimes, are necessary to acquire to cognize the state and to successfully perforate the market. With the aid of the cultural dimensions established by Hofstede and Hall and seen in the Intercultural Management category we will analyse the civilization of the mark state Germany and indicate out important similarities and differences in life styles that are utile for our merchandise launch.

Awareness for the differences and similarities allows us to accommodate more easy to foreign civilization and at the same clip, develop our concern thought.

Some life style or behavioural facets might be similar in states so different like Colombia and Germany. We think, we have found a crossing over between German and Colombian life style in eating wonts that can be used as a concern thought.

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We want to establish arepas, used as a regular breakfast or side dish by many Colombians, in Germany, but reframe it to do it suit to the German life style and cultural context. The execution of arepas as described in this essay is a general thought of how it might work and where we see cultural interfaces. It is neither a concrete market analysis nor a definite selling construct, but a cultural attack.

The decision will sum up the chief facets that need to be taken into consideration when seeking to implement arepa in the German market.

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German historical and cultural background

Germany and its current civilization where chiefly shaped by the last two centuries. Get downing with the failure of the German Revolution in 1848/49, when different partially independent German States of the German Confederation, foremost started to revolt against the opinion elites, contending for more autonomy, civil rights and fusion[ 1 ]. Part of this historical construction is still present in the federal construction ( 16 Lander ) of modern Germany.

In the twentieth century Germany caused and suffered from two universe wars and chauvinistic absolutisms - all of those holding had deep impacts on the cultural behaviour of the current population. As a consequence of World War II the former Deutsches Reich got split up among the four Alliess France, Great Britain, USA who formed the new capitalism-based state in West-Germany ( Federal Republic of Germany, FRG ) , and the Soviet Union who transformed its occupied portion into the German Democratic Republic ( GDR ) , implementing a socialistic market system. The two parts developed for about 40 old ages in wholly different ways - economically, politically and culturally[ 2 ]:

The FRG caught up to the planetary criterion in economic sciences and political relations rather rapidly and, with some hold, joined international organisations ( EU, NATO ) . Meanwhile, the society besides entered a procedure of transmutation. The 1968 motions, chiefly driven by pupils, aimed to emancipate the state from conservative regulations and traditions, from dictatorship, gender differences, constabularies control and the force per unit area of capitalist economy. This had strong impacts on the current society refering low power distance and higher ( although non at wholly completed ) gender equality, household life, sex wonts, demographic alterations[ 3 ]and many more. It allowed single picks and the freedom to develop one 's ain individualism. Bolshevism, at least the one the Nazis had implemented hardly without single pick, had evidently failed in the eyes of the pupils. This might be one of the many grounds why Germans score rather high in Hofstede 's individuality dimension[ 4 ].

Subsequently on, the extremist, socialist RAF terrorists ( Rote Armee Fraktion ) emerged and used robberies, bombardments, blackwashs and nobbling to press through their calls in the 70 's boulder clay the early 90A?s and terrorized and split the whole ( West ) state.

The GDR was ruled in an one-party system by the autocratic SED, supported by the USSR. The `` Iron Curtain '' of the Cold War, symbolized by the Berlin-Wall ( from 1961 ) and the fencings spliting Germany, was controlled by armed forces that had the order to incarcerate or to hit escapers. The autocratic government acted cruelly, censured public life, limited civil rights and ( intended to ) cut off both, society and economic system, from the remainder of the Western Hemisphere.[ 5 ]All that led to great dissatisfaction and protest, eventually ensuing in the reunion in 1990. Although celebrated in the first topographic point, it became obvious that the reunion procedure was non thought all the manner through. Capitalism viciously hit the unprepared economic system of the East, taking to an economical clang, unemployment, out-migration to the West[ 6 ]and choler among the people on both sides.[ 7 ]The reunion turned from something both parts wanted into a extremely complex job[ 8 ]which is still non wholly solved in Germany, refering differences in income distribution, unemployment rates, immigrant Numberss, economic strength, growing or life styles[ 9 ].[ 10 ]

Our thesis is that all this, get downing with the failed revolution in 1848, two World Wars, absolutisms, the separation and failed reintegration of the East and the RAF terrorist act, chiefly shaped the high degree of uncertainness turning away ( Hofstede )[ 11 ]and the demand of low context ( Hall ) communicating[ 12 ], explicit regulations, rigorous organisation and planning in German society[ 13 ], evidently besides bespeaking a monochromatic civilization.

Germany besides scores comparatively high in Hofstede 's maleness dimension. Long-run orientation ( 31 ) does non look to be truly high.[ 14 ]However, new tendency footings in Germany are sustainability and corporate societal duty[ 15 ]. This besides includes ecological consciousness and indicates that Germans are get downing to acquire cognizant of their milieus and to believe progressively in long-run control loops refering the systems of their economic system and their political actions. The same jobs occur when we start looking at the German relationship to nature. Although they are cognizant of the pollution the bulk is instead waiting for scientists to happen ways to cut down pollution than really altering their ain life style. But in some rural countries the relationship with nature is still reasonably near.

Some of the constructs introduced by Hofstede and other bookmans are contentious. For illustration, the high mark on individuality in German civilization does non needfully intend they are populating wholly dissolved from household contexts etc. Yes, individualism is one of the highest values, but it does non intend disintegration of group contexts. A batch of group events are even truly popular in Germany, such as `` Grillen '' , which is holding a barbeque with friends and/ or household in a park or at place, watching association football together[ 16 ], what Germans deceptively call aˆzPublic Screening ''[ 17 ], or household particularly on vacations when the whole household is coming together.

Although they normally tend to avoid any sort of uncertainness going[ 18 ]and foreign nutrient, drinks, apparels - chiefly German vacation countries - or anything that appears to be `` alien '' from far away states ( China, Japan, Thailand or Latin America, The Caribbean etc. ) are popular. This attitude is for illustration reflected in commercials.[ 19 ]We are traveling to utilize this affinity to alien merchandises every bit good as some of their cultural wonts such as the `` Grillen '' to implement arepas in German life.

Similarities and differences with Colombia

Harmonizing to HofstedeA?s dimensions, Germany and Colombia merely look likewise when comparing the degree of Uncertainty turning away, although represented by really different features ( Germany: regulations and organization/ Colombia: fright of the unknown and foreign ) , and the degree of maleness[ 20 ], besides due by really typical grounds.

Privacy, regard for others and securities at place are features explained by the text: `` The German Symphony '' . It is indispensable to foreground the importance of holding the door closed in Germany as a protective barrier unlike in Colombia holding the door unfastened means everybody is welcome. But particularly immature people like to hang out outside in German summers and although domestic traditions ( nucleus values ) such as eating wonts might be difficult to alter, we think it is worth a test.

Germans are really functional, organized and time-efficient. Colombians tend to be more `` relaxed '' in footings of clip and their nature tends to be more outgoing. Germans maintain more infinite between them than Colombians, where physical contact is non eldritch among aliens. `` However, this reserved nature should non erroneously be interpreted as a deficiency of friendliness. ''[ 21 ], mentioning to Germans in the text `` The German Symphony '' .

As we can see, a similar grade in HofstedeA?s cultural dimensions does non intend civilization similarities between both states. Taking advantage of those differences is disputing but non impossible. In fact, selling any type of merchandise in Germany means version to be able to execute a cross- cultural codification switch.

By holding a closer expression on some particular cultural facets, like eating wonts, one can besides happen similarities: While Germans eat muesli or typical staff of life ( axial rotations ) for breakfast, Colombians consume their typical arepa. Lapp with side dishes, particularly in the wont of holding a barbeque, merely the Germans call it Grillen and the Colombians say asado. In Germany everybody brings his ain meat, gets his ain home base with the piece of meat he had brought and combines it with a more Americanized type of staff of life ( white staff of life ) or axial rotations and salad. Colombians instead portion the disbursals of the stuff bought, choice with their custodies small pieces all from the same home base and unite it with arepas. Like with German staff of life, there exist a tonss of fluctuations of arepa, used as bites or proper repasts and both, staff of life and arepa, are strong cultural trade goods belonging to some sorts of traditional cultural rites. We wanted to take the challenge and do a cross-over to contextualize Colombian arepas in a German market.

Business thought and execution - Bringing Arepa to Germany

Servicess, although extremely popular in Colombia and simplifying life, would likely confront rejection in Germany because Germans are non used to and non comfy with other people packing their bags in supermarkets or refueling their autos, possibly due to low power distance and uncertainness turning away issues. Hence, we chose arepas out of different grounds:

First, we have to clear up that we will non seek to implement arepas in the same manner they are consumed in Colombia. Arepas should non straight vie with German staff of life, because Germans love that excessively much: Germans already hold a broad fluctuation. Bread is normally eaten in the forenoons ( frequently coming along as staff of life axial rotations ) and eventides, every bit good as white staff of life or a German baguette manner for barbeques or as side dishes. The usual, instead tasteless arepa spirit would likely non be able to vie with that out of different grounds. One would be a truly strong tradition of eating wonts related to bread consume and a strong fond regard to German bakeshop shops who prepare the staff of life and other Sweets every twenty-four hours newly. Another 1 could be the German perceptual experience that everything that has been newly made by a local trader is healthier and more sensible than any instant repast from a supermarket[ 22 ]. Germans would likely besides fear any foreign merchandise forcing aside the German staff of life, which truly is strongly related to German civilization.[ 23 ]

Alternatively, we will propagate somewhat different uses for arepas that can be connected with both, Colombian and German, civilization. To get down the launch we will publicise arepa as the perfect side dish for Grillen with household and friends, like when the Colombians do their asado. Following to the typical German sausages arepa is put on the grill and served together with salad, the sausage and the popular herb butter used for Grillen. In that context we would suggest the regular arepas in the little and thin, normal-sized versions, little arepitas or the 1s filled cheese. Probably arepa will merely work in those contexts, where everyone has its ain home base utilizing knife and fork to eat his sausage. In reunions among friends this is really common because those barbeques are normally accompanied with homemade salads. In other contexts, like commercial merchandising on carnivals where sausages are sold in a axial rotation without cutter required, the level construction of arepa, where the sausage could fall down, would non be utile and hence non work.

To truly make a alteration in German wonts some inducements are required. Hence, any possible commercial message should include the information of arepa being a Colombian merchandise, bespeaking the alien nature, f. e. `` straight from the Colombian Caribbean ''[ 24 ]and explicate the possible consume environment - Grillen. Germans do barbeques about merely in summer and this message - besides conveying feelings of alien vacation and escapade - lucifers absolutely with warm German summer darks. Possible commercials should pass on a little feeling of multiculturalism and chiefly reference to pupils ( as side dishes ) . They love reunions with barbeques and beer in Parkss in the summer and look to be more unfastened to new things. And particularly the cheese-filled arepas add value to a repast that otherwise would be taken with mere white staff of life and besides offer a new fluctuation for vegetarians. And, careful with suggesting the Colombian asado: Germans normally prefer their ain home base, as already explained above!

In the 2nd tally, we would get down to implement arepas `` de chocolo '' or regular 1s filled with eggs or bacon and so on. The success of arepa in Germany will be chiefly based on whether we find combinations that go along with the German gustatory sensation and if it is possible to happen adequate occasions where arepas can be used alternatively of staff of life or fast nutrient points without endangering the consume of staff of life itself.

In order to happen a lucifer in gustatory sensation a batch of market research experiments are needed. We would collaborate with market research bureaus in Germany to develop those merchandises and formulas that fit the German gustatory sensation the most. Market Research Institutes can besides assist to place those state of affairss, when arepa would be preferred by the Germans. Based on those surveies we can develop selling and communicating methods. Some hypotheses for the consequences of market research would be: Arepas can be presented as another breakfast option, for particular yearss, like for illustration battercakes or Gallic Toast. We do n't believe, arepas will of all time force aside muesli or staff of life ( axial rotations ) in typical German breakfast, but some Germans like to change their breakfast at the weekends or on particular vacations. Arepas de chocolo could besides be promoted as battercakes or Waffles as an afternoon bite with pick cheese, jam or honey, all celebrated in Germany. Equally good as every cheese, bacon or likewise filled arepas can be promoted as a bite or fast repast, healthier than Burgers.

Besides conceivable for the German market would be arepas plated with all sorts of meat, cheese, veggies, sauces etc. similar to what is sold in Colombia as aprepizza or available as frozen nutrient or in specialised arepa eating houses.

Therefore, we think about opening Arepa - Fast-Food Restaurants in Germany whereas the exact combinations for the German gustatory sensation have to be tested by market research beforehand. We would propagandise it as an alien new fast nutrient from Latin America and stipulate that in the subtext by adverting Colombia.

German wellness ordinances, import and distribution Torahs besides have to be taken into consideration.[ 25 ]For illustration, wrappers have to demo explicitly nutrition facts and ingredients which have to travel along with German and European jurisprudence. The juridical facet should non be underestimated in German bureaucratism ( Very high due to uncertainness turning away ) .

For start, we would import arepas straight from Colombia. In the long tally it should be calculated whether the production in Germany would be more profitable as the import from Colombia. Although this manner the merchandise would possibly lose its alien appeal it would derive the intent of newly made nutrient.

We want arepa to reassign some Colombian values, that Germans take their clip while coming nearer together to eat their arepa, be unfastened to the new gustatory sensation that in some ways should besides transport an alien feeling different from staff of life.


By placing German cultural forms and wonts and comparing them to Colombia we found similar uses and a similarity of traditional merchandises, although the differences between the two civilizations are important. We managed to meet some similarities: German staff of life and Colombian arepa. We decided to conceive of an arepa-launch on the German market, without interrupting German staff of life of its traditional context. Therefore, we had to reframe and accommodate the Colombian merchandise to the German civilization.

In order to happen out about the German gustatory sensation we would run different market research methods to be able to accommodate arepas absolutely to the German market. For illustration, we need to happen out to which sort of repasts the bulk of Germans would wish to eat arepa, with what other ingredients they would wish to unite it and which are the primary mark groups. Once we have found out about those penchants we can develop selling runs that would perforate the market.

It is of import that one does non seek to coerce the Colombian nutrient traditions, like the clip of the twenty-four hours when to eat arepa or its combination with other repasts, on the German society, but instead modify the Colombian use to fit the German context and traditions. Otherwise the merchandise would likely non sell.

One besides should non bury about the rigorous German wellness and nutrient ordinances, as to state, one has to hold a close expression on German Torahs for imports, transit of nutrients, labeling on the wrapper and so on.

All in all we are confident that our merchandise launch can be successful in Germany when taking into history all the possible obstructions and differences but besides similarities.

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