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Nursing Practice According to NPA
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The Nursing Practice Act (NPA) is the body of California law that mandates the Board to set out the scope of practice and responsibilities for RNs. The Practice Act is located in the California Business and Professions Code starting with Section 2700. Regulations that specify the implementation of the law appear in the California Code of Regulations ("Board Of Nursing", n.d.). What is the NPA? How does it affect nurses? What are the requirements for getting a nursing license from…...
Health Care Marketing Reflection
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Health care marketing is the new approach to public health; it is an industry that keeps growing as health care trends frequently change. The internet has changed health care a we know it social media website have been reported as the most effective tool to the marketing approach especially for pharmaceutical companies who have pop-up ads on just about every site consumers visit. The purpose of this paper is to reflect on marketing techniques, what types of trends that are…...
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Contingency Planning for a Healthcare Provider
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In this paper can be found a generic contingency plan for the health care industry, this paper shows how quickly things can change for health care providers, and what steps that need to be taken in case of a down ward spiral for the provider. This paper explains the seven steps of a contingency plan in detail to achieve maximum effectiveness. In this case, the contingency plan is for a surgical center. Contingency Planning for the Health Care Provider Background…...
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Too Far Ahead of the IT Curve: Peachtree Network Issues
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Throughout the years Peachtree had grown from a single medical facility to a regional network of 11 institutions. With over 4,000 staff members and a million clients Peachtree's IT facilities has not kept up with their development. The present IT system is not reputable, effective and protected. The company objective is to supply "quality, consistency and continuity care throughout the whole network" provided with "effectiveness, economy and regard for patients and staff". In addition, unlike the healthcare market which relocated…...
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