Business ethics is the analysis of correct management rules and procedures

John Milton created an outstanding poem that goes alongside the most famous epics in history, The Iliad by Homer and Ovid’s Metamorphoses. Of course, with epics, there are six guidelines in order to created something as masterful as an epic poem the legendary hero, superhuman strength, bravery and adventure, the expansive setting, supernatural elements, an omniscient Narrator, and exaggerated writing style.

The legendary hero is very famous during his lifetime. In ancient epics, the hero is usually partially divine or protected by the gods.

Paradise Lost is not like most epics where the hero is that amazing warrior that wins every battle and is the classic “good guy.” Milton challenges the hero archetype with the character Satan. To many, Satan is not automatically considered the hero of Paradise Lost, but Milton makes him its main character. Milton also makes Satan a complex character and gifts him the characteristic of an original epic hero. Satan is ultimately a heroic figure in Paradise Lost because he can bear the weight of unimaginable pain and suffering while still moving forward and fighting for what he believes in.

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In the process, he attempts to empower others, and he successfully elicits the reader’s identification and empathy.

Another characteristic of an epic is the setting also known as the hero’s adventure across time and space, or to other world. In Paradise Lost the setting has a broad range from Heaven to Hell and Earth. There is also an act of supernatural deeds that required superhuman courage.

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Satan curiously has the courage for this epic; while fighting the war in heaven and going against God, there must have been courage in Satan’s action. There were also supernatural forces at work throughout the poem, such as angels, demons, and God.

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Business ethics is the analysis of correct management rules and procedures

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