Business ethics Essay

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Business ethics

A. Marketing Issues in Business Ethics : Marketing tobacco and alcohol. Discuss the ethics of marketing tobacco, marketing alcohol, or both, in terms any or all of the following: (1) underage customers, (2) target marketing ethnic groups and/or women, (3) moving questionable practices that have been abandoned in the United States to markets in developing nations.

Discuss the ethics of marketing tobacco in ways that are illegal in the United States (i. e, to children during television shows geared to young audiences or in connection with professional athletic events) in developing nations where such marketing to children is not illegal. B. International Business and Business Ethics : Should U. S. safety and other standards be applied worldwide?

Is it ethical to engage in asbestos removal from ships by docking such ships in ports where the legally imposed safety precautions for workers are substantially lower than in the U. S. and thus the cost for removing asbestos from such ships could cost tens of millions of dollars less than removing the asbestos in ports with legally imposed safety precautions for workers similar to the legal standards established in the U. S.?

Is it ethical to employ children to work in a plant if the country in which the plant is located has no child labor laws? When, if ever, do laws in one’s own country established to protect the health and safety of workers or consumers become ethical standards to which one should adhere to in countries without such laws?

C. International Business and Business Ethics : Sweatshops Nike has been plagued over the years with an array of allegations suggesting that its products are manufactured under sweatshop conditions in developing nations. Investigate and discuss the various allegations that have been made over the years, and the defenses Nike has raised. Are the charges against Nike legitimate? What recommendations would you make to Nike going forward, to address this ongoing concern?

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